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Re: Theos-World Re: A clear comparision of one central thing

Jan 19, 2003 03:46 PM
by James Davis

NW> If spirit were truly "unlimited in manner and modes" then there would be no
NW> "manner and modes"; ie, no limiting bodies, subtle or physical, nor would time
NW> exist to us. To what does spirit "deliver," if it is all there is? As for
NW> grounding in the aura of the planet and soul of humanity -- are they not
NW> intermediate "bodies" too? If spirit were something separate from auras &
NW> bodies then Bailey's notion of grounding, descent, return etc. would make
NW> sense. But it is not. There is no need to invoke from the spirit realm. We
NW> are spirit. Our savior is our own thoughts, words & deeds.

I'm in complete agreement with all you say above, and AAB is as well.
In essence, spirit is unlimited. Probably, I relied too much on your
reading my meaning between the lines. The is a bit of related
thought at this corner of my web page:

NW> Our minds are the one source of good & evil, truth & error. If our thoughts
NW> or feelings are based on error we attract from the astral light living
NW> entities of a similar false nature. This makes the search for, and finding of
NW> truth more & more difficult. As long as we prefer peace, good feelings,
NW> harmony et al instead of truth, the possibility of delusion & eventually
NW> greater suffering is there. Since AAB/CWL teachings are not rooted in the
NW> truthful current of HPB & her Gurus, only greater delusion and sorrow await
NW> those who are fully invested in those Blue books' notions.

Except for the last sentence in your paragraph above, I'm in complete
agreement with you. As to the last, I understand your viewpoint. But
what I want to say to you is on this page:

NW> James:
>> Whether in the body or out, the number of years, this cycle or that,
>> this name or that, it is all on the surface. And the surface could
>> use a bit of spiritual polishing, and there are those who are up to
>> the task. From the smallest to the greatest, the spirit is unlimited
>> in manner and modes of its delivery.
>> In Bailey, "Christ" refers primarily to spiritual Love, to a radiant
>> energy, to higher consciousness, to a principle. The primary meaning
>> of "return" is in the grounding of this energy in the aura of the
>> planet, and in the soul of humanity. Body is incidental.

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