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Re: A clear comparision of one central thing

Jan 19, 2003 03:29 PM
by Nick Weeks

From: "James Davis" <>

> NW> From the SD I, 470:
> NW> "He will appear as Maitreya Buddha, the last of the Avatars and Buddhas,
> NW> the seventh Race. This belief and expectation are universal throughout
> NW> East. Only it is not in the Kali yug, our present terrifically
> NW> age of Darkness, the "Black Age," that a new Saviour of Humanity can
> NW> appear."

> NW> Although Buddhists do not agree on the exact number of years until
> NW> appearance, they do all agree it is many millions of years hence. Since
> NW> have about 430,000 years left in this Kali yuga, there cannot be any
> NW> reappearance of the Christ/Maitreya in this era at all.

> NW> If the Blue books only talked a little bit, or in passing, about a
> NW> return of Christ & the doctrine of Avatars, as HPB & her Gurus did, one
> NW> think there is no problem. But one can see the entire corpus of Bailey
> NW> her guide revolves around the return of the Hierarchy and its leader. I
> NW> to recall, but have yet to find the quote online, that Bailey's guide
> NW> that his most important contribution to the "Plan" was his work in
> NW> preparation for the reappearance of Christ.

> Whether in the body or out, the number of years, this cycle or that,
> this name or that, it is all on the surface. And the surface could
> use a bit of spiritual polishing, and there are those who are up to
> the task. From the smallest to the greatest, the spirit is unlimited
> in manner and modes of its delivery.
> In Bailey, "Christ" refers primarily to spiritual Love, to a radiant
> energy, to higher consciousness, to a principle. The primary meaning
> of "return" is in the grounding of this energy in the aura of the
> planet, and in the soul of humanity. Body is incidental.

If spirit were truly "unlimited in manner and modes" then there would be no
"manner and modes"; ie, no limiting bodies, subtle or physical, nor would time
exist to us. To what does spirit "deliver," if it is all there is? As for
grounding in the aura of the planet and soul of humanity -- are they not
intermediate "bodies" too? If spirit were something separate from auras &
bodies then Bailey's notion of grounding, descent, return etc. would make
sense. But it is not. There is no need to invoke from the spirit realm. We
are spirit. Our savior is our own thoughts, words & deeds.

"Siddhartha Buddha is a saviour indeed, for, taking us by the hand he was the
first to show us the way to true salvation -- deliverance from the miseries of
human life; future everlasting misery and eternal bliss depending but upon our
own personal merits. WE ARE OUR OWN SAVIOURS." CW 3, 242

Our minds are the one source of good & evil, truth & error. If our thoughts
or feelings are based on error we attract from the astral light living
entities of a similar false nature. This makes the search for, and finding of
truth more & more difficult. As long as we prefer peace, good feelings,
harmony et al instead of truth, the possibility of delusion & eventually
greater suffering is there. Since AAB/CWL teachings are not rooted in the
truthful current of HPB & her Gurus, only greater delusion and sorrow await
those who are fully invested in those Blue books' notions.

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