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Re: Re[2]: Theos-World: Trust 1

Jan 19, 2003 03:17 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi Louis and all of you,

Thanks for your email.

To me an "attack" most often has bad intentions behind it.
Whereas a "debate" just as often can have good and honest motives as bad
But as I said, I am not up to anything negative, I just want peace on this
Planet. Peace between the west and the Midlle East. And that is that.
If my non-violent movement is a verbal attack or just an attack - well then
it is just that persons view, which claims it, - and not mine...
Sometimes people feel, that their egotism are being attacked - and/or they
feel, that their cultural bias towards people and cultures they do not know
anything of - are being attacked.
Other times people just talk a lot, because they want attention...>:-)
But I am not from USA or any english speaking country, and that maybe
explains this view.
Else I agree a lot with you.

M. Sufilight..with ehmm...some rugrats doing verbal exercises...

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> In a message dated 1/18/2003 10:14:23 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> > You say that I am attacking Bailey. That is to me a lie.
> > I am not up to any negative agenda. I just want peace on this Planet !
> > that wrong ?
> > My agenda is to help humanity - including the Middle East - to get
> > Rethink your statement please, I urge you to do that.
> > The truth is, I believe, that you - feel - attacked your self. And why ?
> > I don't really know, so I ask, so you, I and others might learn.
> > Honestly: I am just debating and putting forward my views (i.e. they are
> > only views - being emailed) on theosophy as such and Bailey, and stating
> > where I think the books are wrong -
> > AND especially where I think - the pro-Bailey groups are wrong.
> > There is no attack. There is a debate !
> > If debating and exchanging of views are viewed as an attack, well when
> > debating then possible - at Theos-Talk ?
> Is there room for one more opinion?:
> Interesting response here Mortem. The word "attack" seems to bother you
> the word "debate" does not. But what is a "debate" if not, a verbal
> Especially as the "debate" format is be being used on this list lately. It
> the TONE of the verbal exchanges that determine whether a conversation is
> "attack," a "debate" (verbal attack) OR, a word you seem to have
> here, a "discussion."
> It seems to me, that there are those, who HAVE been participating in these
> conversations within the spirit of "open discussion." And then, there are
> others whose verbal posture infer attack or "debate." It is the ongoing
> agenda that emerges in these exchanges, which help the readers identify,
> is who. It seems to me, that where the central theme of a message thread,
> revolves around issues of "Wrong" and "Right," there can be no hope of,
> discussion. Only contentious debate seems to be forthcoming. Only when the
> parties can agree to go BEYOND the issues of who is right and who is
> will there be any resolution of conflict.
> That said I eagerly await the resolution of this "debate."
> Best,
> Louis
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