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Re: Re[2]: Theos-World: Trust 1

Jan 19, 2003 04:14 AM
by teos9

In a message dated 1/18/2003 10:14:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> You say that I am attacking Bailey. That is to me a lie.
> I am not up to any negative agenda. I just want peace on this Planet ! Is
> that wrong ?
> My agenda is to help humanity - including the Middle East - to get peace.
> Rethink your statement please, I urge you to do that.
> The truth is, I believe, that you - feel - attacked your self. And why ?
> I don't really know, so I ask, so you, I and others might learn.
> Honestly: I am just debating and putting forward my views (i.e. they are
> only views - being emailed) on theosophy as such and Bailey, and stating
> where I think the books are wrong -
> AND especially where I think - the pro-Bailey groups are wrong.
> There is no attack. There is a debate !
> If debating and exchanging of views are viewed as an attack, well when is
> debating then possible - at Theos-Talk ?

Is there room for one more opinion?:

Interesting response here Mortem. The word "attack" seems to bother you but 
the word "debate" does not. But what is a "debate" if not, a verbal attack? 
Especially as the "debate" format is be being used on this list lately. It is 
the TONE of the verbal exchanges that determine whether a conversation is an 
"attack," a "debate" (verbal attack) OR, a word you seem to have overlooked 
here, a "discussion."

It seems to me, that there are those, who HAVE been participating in these 
conversations within the spirit of "open discussion." And then, there are 
others whose verbal posture infer attack or "debate." It is the ongoing 
agenda that emerges in these exchanges, which help the readers identify, who 
is who. It seems to me, that where the central theme of a message thread, 
revolves around issues of "Wrong" and "Right," there can be no hope of, civil 
discussion. Only contentious debate seems to be forthcoming. Only when the 
parties can agree to go BEYOND the issues of who is right and who is wrong, 
will there be any resolution of conflict.

That said I eagerly await the resolution of this "debate."



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