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James on "A clear comparision of one central thing"

Jan 19, 2003 10:58 AM
by D. H. Caldwell " <>


In your posting at:

you wrote:

". . . please quote from HPB, that one most central idea, teaching, 
concept or theme, which you think most clashes with the corresponding 
idea in AAB."

James, I will have to carefully consider what constitutes "that 
one most central idea...."

But let us start off with a discussion of the following:

"Blavatsky and Bailey on the Christ: COMPARE & CONTRAST"

I'm somewhat surprised that neither Phillip nor anyone else commented 
on what Blavatsky and Bailey wrote about the Christ.

Also Nicholas Weeks deals with a number of ideas and themes in his 
essay. Please look again at his critique:

Theosophy's Shadow: [A Critical Look at the Claims and Teachings of 
Alice A. Bailey] by Nicholas Weeks

Daniel H. Caldwell

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