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RE: Theos-World ON PSEUDO-THEOSOPHY by H.P. Blavatsky

Jan 19, 2003 11:04 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Hi Frank. 

Seems that the site is sort of a hub for a lot of sites concerning
Crowleyanaia, Golden Dawn, NAZI/occult conspiracies etc. I skimmed them
but saw nothing about Walter Besant. Maybe I just missed it, or maybe
the site has been changed. 
Anyway, I know little of Walter Besant, except that he was a
Victorian novelist--and yes, I did hear somewhere that he was related by
marriage to Annie Besant. Given the time period Walter Besant was in,
if he was a socialist, he was probably a Fabian. There were a lot of
literary and artistic people involved with that movement, including
George Bernard Shaw, William Morris, William Butler Years (marginally),
Annie Besant (for a time). I think the Victorian British socialism was
quite different from Marxism, and certainly different from Soviet
Communism. This movement (or a version of it) had some popularity in
the United States early in the last century. A novelist named Sinclair
Upton was a major voice here. I'm unaware of any Zionist connection.
Zionism may have been something that Walter Besant was into, but I've
never ran across anything that connects the Zionist movement with the
Fabian. On the other hand, the Zionist movement does appear to have
some socialist type ideology. Therefore, individual members may have
been active with both. But, without some evidence, I wouldn't assume
that the movements themselves were aligned in any way. Perhaps someone
on this site has some more specific information.

I'm unaware of any statements Annie Besant makes concerning Zionism.
But then again, I have never delved into her political writings.
Perhaps someone on this site has. 


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JHE: I know nothing of this. Where can I read about Besant's brother in

FR: At I find this information:
--------The Quatuor Coronati Lodge, (The Four Crowns Lodge) 
.... - Sir Walter Besant was a founding member of QC and was the
treasurer of the Palestine Exploration Fund under Warren. Besant was the
brother-in-law of Annie Besant, the president of the Theosophical
Society after Helena Blavatsky. 

Any comment?Was Annie Besant also pro Zionism?
Jerry, your other good questions will be answered in some days, have a
terrible deadline for a theos. article about the coming war, Iraq, the
Jewish question and Palestine.
I wonder why I hear nothing from the official theosophical groups on
that. Even the pope and also the Protestant Church are warning.

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