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Re: Books and Spiritual Development

Jan 17, 2003 04:06 AM
by Zack Lansdowne

M. Sufilight asks:

"So Zack, why does a great number af pro-Bailey Theosophical leaders, which
say they support Blavatskys teachings close their minds to this statement ?
My view is, that is what a number of them are doing ! (I have been inside
more than one Bailey group.)
Too little emphasis on ATMA VIDYA, will most certainly create problems. I
think about newcomers - and there so-called "Healing-exercises and
Invocations" upon the United Nations and other similar activities...>:-)"

My view is that the "healing-exercises and invocations" are a form of
world-service with the intention of solving world conflicts at the level of
cause rather than at the level of effects. “Distant healing” can be defined
as a conscious, dedicated psychological act that attempts to help another
living being at a distance. This term is now used at the National Center for
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (at the National Institutes of
Health) and at increasing numbers of hospitals to refer to such activities
as intercessory prayer, non-local biofield therapy, radiatory healing, and
spiritual healing.

During the past fifteen years, many rigorous scientific studies of distant
healing have been conducted. Dr. Daniel Benor, in a recent article (D. J.
Benor, MD, “Distant Healing,” Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, vol. 11,
no. 3, 2000.), reviewed 61 scientific studies of distant healing and wrote
the following summary: “Significant effects of distant healing are
demonstrated in randomized controlled trials in humans, animals, plants,
bacteria, yeasts, cells in the laboratory and DNA.” Thus, we see that
scientific investigators have studied the effects of distant healing on many
types of living beings.

Here are two recent scientific articles on distant healing: F. Sicher, E.
Targ, D. Moore, and H. Smith, “A Randomized Double-Blind Study of the Effect
of Distant Healing in a Population with Advanced AIDS,” Western Journal of
Medicine, December 1998; W. S. Harris, M. Gowda, J. W. Kolb, C. P.
Strychacz, J. L. Vacek, P. G. Jones, A. Forker, J. H. O’Keefe, B. D.
McCallister, “A Randomize, Controlled Trial of the Effects of Remote,
Intercessory Prayer on Outcomes in Patients Admitted to the Coronary Care
Unit,” Archives of Internal Medicine, vol. 159, no. 19, October 1999. Both
articles were published in mainstream peer-reviewed medical journals, had a
rigorous clinical design (double-blind, randomized control), and found
significant evidence of distant healing.

The Bailey groups (such as Triangles and Full-Moon Meditation) are
attempting to do the following: apply the principles of distant healing to
world situations, which means to radiate the spiritual qualities of love,
light and peace , thereby raising the consciousness of the recipients and
resolve the various world conflicts.

Zack Lansdowne

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