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Jan 16, 2003 01:15 PM
by wry

Hi. You are good people, but there is a lot of confusion on here. Quite honestly, I have never seen anything like this. I have just waded through many messages, but there are not many ideas, just a lot of nit-picking and futile attempts to analyze a lot of little details from the past (though I did enjoy Adelaise's message about astrology). Generally speaking, this spot is very saddening. This all has nothing to do with me. You would be arguing and nitpicking and analyzing and getting lost in little details whether I am here or not. On other lists devoted to spirituality this is not happening to such an extent. 

Some people are attracted to Alice Bailey or whomever, and maybe it cannot be changed. She and/or Madame Blavatsky or anyone should not be your reference point. The physical body and what is going on there should be your reference point. It is very simple. You do not need to make it so complex and keep yourself and others from developing. If there is a strong connection between a pure impartial constating of this body AS IT IS BEING IN PRESENT TIME, a certain force will be created, out of which the little seed can develop into a soul. 

If you decide you want to actually develop and not dream about it, you do NOT get to choose in what form the opportunity will come to you. How to make sense out of nonsense? When the BODY performs its daily chores, if something that has no opinion, and is not a part of the turning of the mechanical cogs of emotions, thoughts and physical tensions triggering reactions, sees this body as it is, a finer materiality will flow between. This is the beginning of the development of higher bodies.The physical body is the OBJECT, not the subject to be recorded, and the impartial recording of this object impresses itself upon the subjective and receptive firmament of the brain, which is like a sponge. These new impression will not be not be recorded into the old conditioned grooves in the brain, but it will be like putting new wine in a new bottle.

This is Work and hard to do. I cannot worry and wonder about Alice Bailey or what the "masters" said to whomever or if there are masters, or what root race it is, as this has nothing to do with Work or real spiritual development, but is just one function taking over and spilling the seed of any possibility I may have. It is one or the other. 

So have a good day. I can call myself a THEOSOPHIST now (thanks to a few people such as Katinka and her kind who have inspired me), as there is a realization that I AM, which is more then just a thought, and I am not going to waste my time on irrelevancies. This is a simple message and easy enough for anyone to understand. I will try to come back later with a follow-up to this message, in which I will #1. .either participate in some kind of question worthy of genuine enquiry that has come up on this list (or present such a question of my own), #2.share in my own words, a life problem I am having and how I am attempting to use spiritual means to solve it, or #3. present to others, in a three-centered balance, using a few simple words of my own, certain ideas that are appropriate to this list, in such a way that they harmonize the general flow and tempo of what is happening on here so that there is real GRIP and material does not slip in one ear and out the other (better still bring your salt shakers and wear toe pads, just in case). If I do not know how to do this, I will listen and wait until an opportunity presents itself for me to contribute something essential to this group, and try to Work in a way which makes sense and will lead to actual results. Sincerely, Wry 

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