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BAG is interviewed by Eric Wynants about Theosophy

Jan 16, 2003 07:16 PM
by D. H. Caldwell " <>

BAG is interviewed by Eric Wynants about Theosophy.

Theos-Talk subscribers may be interested in what BAG has now said 
about Theosophy and even members of Theos-Talk in an interview at:

BAG, I have several questions for you. 

(1) Did you write all of the text that is attributed to you in the 
above interview?

(2) Do you know who Eric Wynants is?

(3) You said:

"They cannot even produce a systematized statement of Theosophy that 
all of the Theosophical splinter groups subscribe to. Daniel Caldwell 
presented only the doctrines of his sect of Theosophy, but how can we 
accept him as the spokesman of the one true faith ?"

Please BAG, can you explain exactly what you mean by your above 
statement? What is MY "sect" of Theosophy? And what do you mean by 
the "one true faith"? Unfortunately, you apparently did not present 
this statement on Theos-Talk so I could respond to it.

(4) I call the attention of Theos-Talk members to the following 
statement by BAG about Theosophists (I assume he is referring in part 
to Theos-Talk members):

"My conclusion to the whole 'debate' is that these people are 
incapable of carrying on a meaningful discussion on any of the 
issues, because they cannot even use the language or concepts in any 
meaningful way that has relevance out-side of their thought-system. 
They are only capable of speaking to each other in the corrupted 
jargon categories that they have learned, and are incapable of 
understanding the plain direct normal meaning of words."

(5) Here is another gem from the interview:

"If we accept such a patently dishonest use of sources, then what is 
the value of any communication with such people ?" 

It should also be pointed out that if you look up the website that is 
hosting this interview you find some interesting information:
Editor: Dr.Raphael Vishanu 
Research Director: Eric Wynants 

If you do a domain search of at:

you will see Brigitte Muehlegger associated with the registration of 
the domain.

Daniel H. Caldwell 

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