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Re: Theos-World ON PSEUDO-THEOSOPHY by H.P. Blavatsky

Jan 15, 2003 03:04 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hi Jerry, asset - that's the right word. It does not imply a moral judgment.
Although AB after 1893 began to twist HPB's teachings more and more from
year to year, I can be - from a higher perspective - that AB was
nevertheless an asset so long as we see not Karma and as long we don't know
what would have happened if AB did not convert to Theosophy but remained a
Fabian Socialist, supporting gross materialism. Perhaps her psychism was
better for the world then the other option.
AB's brother-in-law was President of the (Zionist) Palestine Society in
London. Many Jew-Socialists, including Karl Marx, wanted to use (or rather
misuse as Rudolf Steiner says) their religion for worldly purposes and tried
to agitate the normal Jew, who was in "danger" to get emancipated and equal
with the other citizens.

BTW, I sometimes hear theosophists resignate: O, these racism slanders and
that alleged Hitler connection, we are lost!
I say: Poppycock! What we hear and read is just the surface, it's the make
believe from those little oligarchy which decided what is printed or
All these stories - including the holodeck story :-) - are a MAYA.
Maya by definition says not that these thing does not exist, but merely that
it was/is different from what it seems.
In my humble opinion these slanders are the biggest help and chance for
Theosophy, but nobody seems to see it.
Without Hitler no geographical state Israel would have been possible.
All this must be known to get a right understanding why and where HPB, KT
etc. went and did something.
A riddle? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I took me a whole decade of intensive
research to understand that the history of the TS cannot be separated from
the usual history.
These are my addition thoughts which come into my mind when thinking on AB.

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Hello Frank,

It's fun to see how thoughts converge sometimes. I was thinking about
Besant too when I wrote the message. The article was published in
March, and I believe Blavatsky had already met Besant by that time.
Besant joint the TS two months later--in May. Whatever HPB may have
thought of AB's potential for psychic abilities, she undoubtedly saw her
as a potentially important asset to the TM.

I was also thinking of W.B. Yeats who was a member of the Blavatsky
Lodge and the ES at this time. Yeats was also deeply concerned about
the rampant "fanaticism" that he observed in the TS. He even wrote
about a member who had attempted suicide.


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