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RE: Theos-World ON PSEUDO-THEOSOPHY by H.P. Blavatsky

Jan 15, 2003 06:20 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Hello Frank, 

Some responses below:

FR: Hi AB was nevertheless an asset so long as we see not Karma and as
long we don't know what would have happened if AB did not convert to
Theosophy but remained a Fabian Socialist, supporting gross materialism.
Perhaps her psychism was better for the world then the other option.

JHE: Socialism is something that I know very little about, except what I
passively picked up in school and while researching Yeats. However, I
got the distinct impression that the British socialism did not have the
materialistic bases as late Marxist philosophy. Perhaps someone who
knows more about it can comment. 

FR: AB's brother-in-law was President of the (Zionist) Palestine Society

JHE: I know nothing of this. Where can I read about Besant's brother in

FR: BTW, I sometimes hear theosophists resignate: O, these racism
slanders and that alleged Hitler connection, we are lost!

JHE: IMO certain leaders of the TM did more to hurt Theosophy then the
publicity about the alleged Hitler connection to it. 

FR: In my humble opinion these slanders are the biggest help and chance
Theosophy, but nobody seems to see it. 

JHE: How so?

FR: Without Hitler no geographical state Israel would have been
All this must be known to get a right understanding why and where HPB,
etc. went and did something.

JHE: Well, I can see why you might say that. However, a grass roots
movement (i.e. Zionism) had been in the works and progressing along
since 1890.

FR: A riddle? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I took me a whole decade of
research to understand that the history of the TS cannot be separated
the usual history.

JHE: I agree. It is always important when doing historical research to
keep an eye as to what was going on in the world in general. 


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