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Re: Theos-World Standard of Truth?

Jan 15, 2003 03:05 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

I think that HPB, AAB, and ACIM are telling us the same thing: namely, it
is a mistake to turn any written doctrine into a hard-and-fast dogma, or

Quite true. But we must not forget the other extreme of which the present
Hartmann TS in Germany is an example: To destroy all archives and books,
because books and documents are merely matter and Theosophy is against
matter. In their groups they talk about idiotic nonsense which is in most
cases a distortion if not the opposite of what HPB taught. The maya of
uncritical pseduo mystics who beleive their lunatic and lower astral
insanities are spiritual truth. Why did HPB wrote books? Because they are a
beacon for truth seekers in a time of psychism.

What do you think would theosophical groups today talk about if HPB (and
followers) did never wrote anything and taught only orally? I'll bet
theosophical officials would make us believe that coming to God means to
smoke LSD, meet Captain Ashtar and to have sex with animals. O, I see the
present standing is not so much low. It gets even one or two levels lower.
So there is hope for the Theosophical Movement, although it seems that in
times of conspiracy no Officials are allowed with an IQ above 80. As an
Adyar insider whispered to me in reply to the poppycock and even black magic
I ahd to observe at the 100th Anniversary Convention in Berlin, July 2002
with Radha Burnier: "Stop thinking!" Or did he say: "Stop sinking!" Or did
he mean: "Stop singing!" O, he added: "We want not think, thinking is bad!"
Right so! Did not even Jesus say: Become a child? :-)

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