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Re: Theos-World Standard of Truth?

Jan 14, 2003 04:25 PM
by wry

Hi. This is a most interesting thread of messages. Does a person actually
select what he is attracted to, or does it just happen? In my opinion, it
just happens, but in certain circumstances, something can be made out of a
method that will lead to more accurate correlation. In others circumstances,
this cannot happen. If I correlate from a set of false reference points, my
chart will always be off.

In Mahayana Buddhism, this lifetime as a human, is called "the precious
human rebirth." Much emphasis is placed on the likelihood of its never
happening again. The tendency is always for the situation to degrade.

If I am a Christian or a Buddhist, or whatever, in my opinion, it does not
matter, unless I have the key. The symbol of Lucifer, the light bearer, is
very interesting. When light becomes entrapped in material, nothing is clear
anymore. It is not what in Tibetan Buddhism is called "the clear light." To
understand material and how to break it apart and recombine it in a certain
way takes a special kind of knowledge which cannot be told, but can only be
understood through experience. But if I approach material from a
preconclusion about myself and my abilities, I will never develop enough
pure impartiality to discover what I need to know.This is sad, but it is
also a fact. No one wants to be sad, as there is no way to know how long it
will take. To do so consciously is to become free. There is something in
this for ponderers.

The first task for myself, as a true seeker, is to begin to see myself as I
am. The more stark the model, the faster the results. If I hunger to touch
God, whatever that means, something, with no opinion, as if from the
outside needs to see that. If my voice has a negative tone, something
impartial from the outside needs to record that. If the body tenses,
something, with no opinion, from the outside needs to see that. Something
impartial does not select what to see, as selection involves preference. To
do this even five minutes a day, would connect me to a great Work. If I do
not like someone personally, this obviously makes no difference if this
person is presenting to me the fastest way humanly possible to develop
spiritually, and appears to be the only one who is doing so. No matter how
my personality reacts to this person, he is my friend.

This message isn't about Paul., with whom I have quite a few problems which
I won't go into I am just using him as an example. One thing I noticed when
I read the messages of this person, is that he was making some kind of
attempt, however minimal, to focus some kind of camera on himself and his
own reactions. As I recall, he left more than one message in which he spoke
simply about his own experience and the seeing of himself as identified with
certain stuff that was going on. He was interested, to a certain degree,
maybe only a little, in observing his own reactions. But sometimes, a
little, can be the beginning of a kind of curiosity and motivation that can
grow. We are all so little.

I have more to say on this subject, but I need to stop now and go someplace.
Sincerely, Wry

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> From: "Bill Meredith" <>
> > Well said, Nick. While you certainly seem to have found a "real" path
> > suits you, is it well to offer that others must dig where you dig?
> Not my meaning. Just keep digging until you find water or die. If is a
> "true" well you will find water in some lifetime, but if it is not?
> the rub! Which is why I am a traditionalist. Within the major religions
> real, reliable paths, so shorten your search & pick one. Do not try to
> the White Knight in Alice in Wonderland) make one "of my own invention".
> > Who gets to decide what the "right" digging location is for you? for me?
> > others?
> Who else, but you?
> It puzzles me when folks worry about being hypnotized or bamboozled by
> OTHER authority outside. So who makes the final decision to follow or
> or accept the OTHER's notions? We do. Who makes the final decision to
> follow or believe or accept OUR own notions? We do.
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