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Jan 13, 2003 08:01 PM
by Etzion Becker

Thanks dear Mic; I am away again in remote India, and internet access is 
quite hard. One day I might introduce you to the chapters on meditation, 
which are quite good as well. If so will be requested. Maybe back 
channell, because attachments cannot be sent to the list. Etzion

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מאת: Mic Forster <>
תאריך: יום ב', ינואר 13, 2003 6:30
נושא: Theos-World ego and sanskaras - Etzion

> Dear Etzion,
> I have finally read those six emails that you posted
> last year. They were very well written and they also
> served to clarify certain concepts that I only had a
> rudimentary grasp of. Pass on my regards to your
> Master for this.
> Michael Forster
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