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Re: Theos-World Problems of Humanity

Jan 13, 2003 08:26 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

" Suzanne " wrote:
> Aaahh... nice beat-around-the-bush answer Bart <she chuckles>.
> Guess you just couldn't answer the question, uh? Hmmm... one then
> has to wonder.... who IS the real bigot here, hum?

More ad hominem attacks, more changing the subject. Can't you say a
SINGLE thing that has SOMETHING to do with defending your position?

> To get my point across, let me say this Bart... when I see your name
> and words, my vision is thus, a man with a beard, wearing army
> fatigues, an ammunision belt, holding a machining gun and a label on
> his shirt that says 'Blavatsky Fundamentalist/Terrorist'. 

More ad hominem attacks. Please point out which statements I made that
were either correct, or quotes which, when placed in context, mean
something different than the parts which I quoted. If all you have on
your side is logical fallacies, then it is better not to argue at all. 

Bart Lidofsky

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