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Re: Pseudo-theosophy of AAB & CWL

Jan 11, 2003 08:43 PM
by Nick Weeks


> In response to Niklas's letter and that of Jerry Hejka-Ekins, there
> are a couple of points that come up. Correct me if I am wrong,
> but 'pseudo-theosophy' is anything that is not the source material
> of HPB's? If this is the case, I can see how diehard 'theosophists'
> would regard anyone else as an interloper.


Your second sentence must be rhetorical, since you continue writing as if your
assumption about pseudo-theosophy is correct. It is not. Pseudo-theosophy is
whatever teaching professes to be based on, and share the KEY or BASIC tenets
of HPB & her Gurus, but does not. Therefore Crosbie, Wadia, Tingley, Purucker
for example, do share these keynotes of original Theosophy and to my mind are
real Theosophists. Absolute fidelity to each and every teaching that HPB gave
is not needed. But one must have a notion of which teachings are basic &
vital and which are not.

I did slog through your "criticisms" of the "Theosophy's Shadow" article.
Your main argument seems to be that Weeks is confused, prejudiced, spiritually
obtuse and just plain out of step. If you had addressed more of my points
with reason, rather than just huff about my lack of understanding, I might
have said more than the 3 brief Theos-talk postings I sent.

As I suggested in the article, regurgitation of the Fibetan's writings in
place of rational responses may satisfy your urge to defend, but it does not
address the main question. If your DK is same as HPB's DK why are his MAIN
teachings opposed to the real Brothers teachings? If your DK is presenting
the next stage in a series of new age teachings, why were they given out
around 1910? That date is only 20 years after HPB's death. Do you really
think the Brothers would have HPB write 25 or so volumes of material only to
have it replaced in 20 years by stuff & nonsense that opposes and distorts her
BASIC Theosophy? Do you think human evolution zips along at such a frantic

My questions in the paragraph above are rhetorical, so please feel free to
ignore responding to them -- please.

However if there are other devotees of AAB or CWL online, read "Theosophy's
Shadow" and compare HPB vs. AAB and carefully, slowly, think it out for your

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