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Re: Theos-World Pseudo-theosophy of AAB & CWL

Jan 07, 2003 02:22 PM
by Jeremy Condick

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Pseudo-theosophy of AAB & CWL

> Yes indeed Jerry, this is very helpful and should clarify the history of
> was influenced vs. who was the influencer. The former was Alice Bailey;
> latter Leadbeater & Besant, who were the creators (along with Sinnett's
> medium, whose name I forget) of pseudo-theosophy.

> According to her Autobiography, (If my memory serves me correctly)
> Bailey's first contact with Theosophy was through the Pacific Grove
> Lodge around 1912. She moved to Krotona Hollywood a year or two
> thereafter where she joined the ES, and gained access to the material
> concerning the inner government and initiations, which was only
> circulated through the ES at that time. However, you will find hints of
> it in the Theosophist. Bailey states in her Autobiography that she
> began taking psychic dictation from "the Tibetan" around 1917 or 18 and
> left Krotona shortly afterwards (I'm recalling from her Autobiography
> that I read years ago, so my memory may not exactly match her dates, but
> they should be close). Initiation Human and Solar was published in
> 1922-her first book-I think. I read it some years ago, and found it
> very faithful to the ES teachings as they were presented from 1910-1918.
> I hope this is helpful.
> --j

Yes indeed it would be very faithful to the Esoteric Section teachings, for
it was given to AAB by a Master Of The Wisdom, the Master DK.

The book Initiation Human and Solar was "Dedicated with reverence and
gratitude to the Master KH".

Kindest Regards

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