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Fw: Pseudo-theosophy of AAB & CWL

Jan 11, 2003 08:53 PM
by Nick Weeks

I think Mr. Lindsay intended this for Theos-talk as well as myself & Jerry HE,
so I pass it on.

> In response to Niklas's letter and that of Jerry Hejka-Ekins, there
> are a couple of points that come up. Correct me if I am wrong,
> but 'pseudo-theosophy' is anything that is not the source material
> of HPB's? If this is the case, I can see how diehard 'theosophists'
> would regard anyone else as an interloper.
> My point is that it smacks of the very religious intolerance that
> the TS pupports to promote. It is the same as a Christian's
> intolerance for a Buddhist.
> The Masters chose our venerable HPB as a rare amanuensis who could
> serve their purposes. Yet CWL's undoubted clairvoyant skills and
> receptivity were also used for a time, despite his distortions in
> such books as "Man How Whence Whither" - (or whatever!) And I can
> see him being branded as a 'pseudo-theosophist' for good reason. But
> this is also based on old TS politics and schisms which are ancient
> history!
> My argument is that Theosophical sadduccees have created a
> theosophical fundamentalism which is bigoted and hypocritical to the
> foundations' original aims. It holds therefore that HPB's theosophy
> is the only theosophy and that no one else is capable of bringing
> through a further installment of the Masters' teachings.
> The key here is a lack of discrimination that is exercised by those
> with this fundamentalist bias, and an emotional adherence to 'their'
> teachings. These people want to 'own' theosophy as theirs and no one
> else's, and they are the only ones who possess the spiritual truth.
> Sounds familiar doesn't it, like a fundamentalist Christian or
> Muslim? Such is the way of the unadvanced spiritual aspirant of
> today, locked into the world of kama-manas.
> A separative mind can rationalise anything in this light, as
> evidenced by some of the early anti Alice Bailey (AAB)commentaries
> of Cleather et al. Black becomes white and white becomes black. Of
> course AAB was up against it in the Krotona TS lodge which she
> headed. How dare she say that she had met one of the Masters, let
> alone be receiving information from them? The TS politics of the day
> were truly revolting to her.
> This situation has further been compounded over the last several
> decades by extraordinary accusations and beliefs held by
> theosophists of a very negative nature about AAB. But in 100% of
> conversations I have had with TS people, none of them can offer me a
> rational or reasoned explanation as to why. It has been the
> conditioning of decades that has caused this unconsciousness and is
> part of the general crystallisation of the entity we call the TS.
> No members I have talked to have even read or studied to a
> reasonable depth the works of AAB, let alone HPB's key work, the
> Secret Doctrine. Most of them I find are into peripheral
> interpretors of HPB or lightweight channelled material.
> If ES members are bleating about material which is 'theirs', that
> AAB supposedly 'stole', let them reveal it. Let Pluto in Sagittarius
> do its work! I suspect it would be an anti-climax and surely no
> earth shattering revelation, and bound to be available in some other
> form elsewhere.
> This is the problem and one of the main glamours of supposed
> Aquarian groups (who are actually very Piscean in their approach),
> the glamour of the mystery. This is our secret and no one else is
> supposed to know.
> As far as I know, all that AAB used from the ES was this beautiful
> mantram:
> "May the Holy Ones, Whose pupils we aspire to become, show us the
> light we seek; give us the strong aid of Their compassion and Their
> wisdom. There is a peace that passeth understanding; it abides in
> the hearts of those who live in the Eternal. There is a power that
> maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self
> as one. May that peace brood over us, that power uplift us, till we
> stand where the One Initiator is invoked, till we see His Star shine
> forth. May the peace and the blessing of the Holy Ones pour forth
> over the worlds."
> Yet it is entirely conceivable that Djwhal Khul who dictated much
> of the Secret Doctrine to HPB, also wanted this mantram released to
> others who might benefit from it, and did so through AAB. The ES
> was set up a long time before that mantram appeared in print. For
> all we may know, DK may have decided in his wisdom that it was time
> that it was released to the general public and that the ES were
> being a bit precious about it - as they are today. DK may have also
> dictated to HPB some of the early material in the ES.
> The Great Invocation which had hitherto been in the highest realms
> of the Hierarchy, was translated and released to Humanity in 1945.
> Whats esoteric today is exoteric tomorrow - we are moving very fast
> in our evolution.
> My experience from the sidelines mainly is that the ES has quite a
> nasty little shadow that has developed over the years, and comes
> down primarily to power politics which seem to be just as rife today
> as they were back in the 1920's.
> I have tried to collate as much material on my website
> ( about the situation of world students
> unable to recognise the golden thread of the Master's teachings. It
> seems to come down to these factors: emotional attachment to ideas,
> compounded by concrete mind and lack of discrimination.
> The Masters must wring their hands in exasperation sometimes at
> throwing so many pearls before swine - bogged down in dogma. We are
> all students of the causal, and if there is the spirit of
> separation, division and lack of recognition in our field, what hope
> is there for religious toleration and understanding in the rest of
> the world?
> Thankyou Daniel for bringing this to my attention, I hope this sheds
> some more light or opens up a balanced dialogue.
> Phillip Lindsay
> --- In, "Nick Weeks" <nick.weeks@w...>
> wrote:
> > Having less time now than when I wrote Theosophy's Shadow some
> years ago, I still will try, from time to time, to respond to some
> criticisms of the article.
> >
> > I am not sure what Lindsay means by "It" being the "other way
> around". He is apparently just quoting the Fibetan via Bailey
> about CWL's use of the first Fibetan book Initiation. It is
> irrelevant whether Leadbeater borrowed from that book in 1925 or
> not. My point was that the return of Maitreya and other elements of
> pseudo-theosophy were brought forth from the fount of CWL during the
> Esoteric Section teachings around 1910(?). (Hopefully Tillett or
> Hejka-Ekins or some other historian will nail down this timeframe
> more accurately) This was long before Bailey started channelling in
> 1918. The Adyar TS, during AAB's early membership, was steeped in
> CWL's teachings, so it is obvious that the words AAB's "books are
> rooted in the pseudo-theosophy pioneered by CW Leadbeater" are
> accurate.
> >
> > Below is a snippet from
> which has
> Lindsay's comments on Theosophy's Shadow.
> >
> > I will eventually wade through his remarks and respond to some of
> them. Perhaps I will plump up the article with another rewrite
> someday.
> > Fare Thee Well,
> >
> > Nicholas
> >
> > ************
> > NW:
> > Her books are rooted in the pseudo-theosophy pioneered by CW
> Leadbeater. For example, one of CWL's favorite revelations was the
> return to earth of "Maitreya" the Christ. Bailey accepted this
> fantasy.
> > Phillip Lindsay (PL): It is actually the other way around.
> Leadbeater used some of AAB's original material from books such as
> Intiation, Human and Solar and took the credit for it in his book
> The Masters and the Path.
> >
> > **********
> >
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