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re "dead letter," esoteric/exoteric, Dallas, Leon, Whoever ...

Jan 07, 2003 08:17 PM
by Mauri

Dallas wrote: <<I am not familiar with "dead letter 

The use of "blinds" in Theosophy might prompt some 
people (?) to consider the view that the entire mainstream, 
exoteric worldview is (in a sense?) blinding, mayavic, 
illusive, misleading, confusing, etc, or lacking in "direct 
reference" (in esoteric terms) to "what is really going on," 
and so in that kind of very selective sense (or "esoteric 
sense," even ...?) that kind of view or bias (re one's "entire 
mainstream, exoteric worldview") might be seen (by 
some?) as "dead letter" ...

I suspect that HPB's selective use of "blinds," no matter 
how well-intentioned, could lead some people up a garden 
path, or creek, unless they have some kind of innate 
appreciation about what might be called the generally 
blinding nature of "ordinary reality." Still, seems to me 
that HPB's blinds, and many of her writings, were 
courageous compromises, in a sense, considering the 
circumstances, in that her writings suggest to me that she 
went ahead with offering Theosophy to the general public 
with her eyes fully open, knowing (or so it would seem to 
me) that many people, for many years to come, would 
favor various literal interpretive tangents.


PS And this post is, in a way, a part-one response to Leon,
as well. Part two ... tomorrow, maybe ...

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