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Re: Theos-World RE: Re - Blinds

Jan 07, 2003 04:24 PM
by samblo

Dallas and Morten,
Thanks as always for your views and comments. I politely intrude with 
your kind
permissions to add a few additive comments from the bleachers so to 

One interesting definition of "Guru" I have run across is this:
"Gu" means "Darkness" in Sanskrit root
"Ru" means "Light" in Sanskrit root
so "Guru" is one whom leads the Chela from darkness into the light.
I found this a beautiful seed concept useful in overall concept Dallas 

Recently a discussion regarding the Lotus that was seen to issue from the 
of Vishnu was a topic and BAG brought mention of "Garbha," the word is 
and profound, one finds many widespread cultures that profess to be the 
Navel of the
World in humankind's History. It can be referenced as "Womb" so one finds 
it's use
in the appellation "Tathagatagarbha" and is correlate to Sunyata- Mother 
of Emptiness
, I have read it is found to correlate to the root "shvi" in Sanskrit 
meaning to swell,
expansion, as in expansion of the seed bhijna or Consciousness itself on 
orders of 
magnitude. At any rate it might just be that the physical representations 
for the Navel
found in India, Greece, Cusco Peru, and other civilizations may be the 
vestiges of a
not now remembered in profound fullness bit yet remains to remind those who
inquire. I offer the following websites which some may find worth the 

The 10 Mysteries

Ancient Geometry
Index of Indian Mathematics

a very nice Theosophical Glossaries Index

Well, it turns out the Prime site I wanted to offer "Cannot be found," at 
least today,
darn, it was a work by Taranatha on Shentong, I will revisit and when 
available I will
post it.


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