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RE: on our toes What is THEOSOPHY

Jan 06, 2003 00:47 AM
by dalval14

Jan 6 2003

Dear friend:

As far as I can determine the two statements are congruent.

I can only writ for myself, as I understand it. and of course my
statements may not agree with the views of others. But, then I am
content to let them determine what is correct or valid by means of the
same kind of study which all good students pursue. I can only speak
of what I have found.

Theosophy is a name currently given to a universal system of thought
and the use (thinking) that is made about it. Theosophy (to me) is a
synonym of wisdom. You are correct that Theosophy will be found
everywhere. It is therefore designated a synthesis of religion,
philosophy and science. These three are inseparable.

If it is agreed that it is universal and eternal, then it underlies
all expressions and names given to it at any time or anywhere.

So if you please there are two THEOSOPHIES.

1. The eternal -- as an expression of LAW UNIVERSAL. and

2. The temporary -- as the current name given to Mme. H P
Blavatsky's system -- which she claimed was NOT hers, but came through
her, as a messenger of the Masters of Wisdom.

The distinction is made plain in the opening pages of the KEY TO

As to the nature of the Masters -- this is covered in a number of
articles and in the first pages of both ISIS UNVEILED and The SECRET

In speaking of Theosophy, I write concerning the universal system of
which the book The SECRET DOCTRINE is an epitome. It describes the
rules, ethics and laws of the Universe.

In speaking of the Masters I speak of those ancient and deathless
GNYANIS (or DHYANIS) who are knowers and preservers of this system --
which they periodically disseminate among mankind so that a knowledge
of it is ever present. A record of this past wok is made available t
us to scrutinize in ISIS UNVEILED and The SECRET DOCTRINE

You are correct is saying that H.P.Blavatsky is one of the sources --
yes, the most recent of the known messengers.

I hope that this makes my position clearer.



-----Original Message-----
From: Morten
Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2003 5:55 AM
Subject: Re: on our toes

Hi Dallas and all of you,

Salaam Aleikum,

My views are presented in the below:

Thanks for the good words.
I agree a lot with them.

But Dallas, what strikes me in the below writing of yours is this:

Dallas wrote:

"All that we know of Theosophy has come though H P B as Their
Messenger. But, we cannot adopt any specific attitude unless we,
through study, are prepared to explain this fully."

Dallas wrote:

"They, the MASTERS, are Universal. And "They" are the "property" of
creed or sect.

The (or any) THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, if it claims to be the sole channel
to the Masters, is in error. No one who proclaims this can prove it."

My Sufilight answer:

Dallas how can you combine these two statements of yours A and B ?

Who do you define Theosophy, literally or in broad terms ?

To me your - A - statement is false.

My view is. Theosophy is more than HPB, and one can freely chose HPB
as ones
main source to learn from...or another one.

But wisdom is wisdom.

And HPB was actually the first real source literally speaking on
(by the use of the word) since 1875.

Dallas wrote:

"Theosophy makes only one claim and that is: it presents in a
condensed form the HISTORY of evolution and of the qualities and
potentials that underlie this continuing event."

My Sufilight answer:

Yes and condensed it really is !

Else I agree a lot with you Dallas.

I think this one from you Dallas is especially good and I support it,
Theosophy - has the meaning "a part of the wisdom tradition of all
ages" :

"If you take my assurance as correct, then you can be making the error
of choosing me as an :"authority." I am not. I merely say you can
find out for yourself. Then, you become the authority for what you
know or have reasoned out. Truth is a common factor, and is shared
and participated in by all -- no exclusions. None of us are in any
better position by mere membership.."

Theosophy is self-proving, and the Masters demonstrate this in
everything they have written."

Feel free to comment or do your best...

M. Sufilight with peace...

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