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George Harrison's last album

Jan 05, 2003 10:37 PM
by oldescott " <>

Listening to the new, and last, George Harrison album tonight. 
Undoubtedly, one of his finest albums, if not the finest one. Quite a 
mix here, from blues to rock, and a heavenly instrumental piece. One 
can't help but feel the serenity of this man's soul in such songs as 
Pisces Fish and Never Get Over You. The title song wraps up 
the 12-song CD. "Someone turned out the spiritual light," he says of 
the "Brainwashed" world. Lyrics throughout are the words of a master, 
a man who was truly inspired. Very upbeat . . . a very classy 
farewell. Highly recommended . . . God bless him.

Some excerpts from Pisces Fish, which will have you singing
and humming along right away.

"I'm a Pisces fish and the river runs
through my soul
And I'll be swimming until I can find
those waters
That one unbounded ocean of bliss
That's flowing through your parents,
sons and daughters
But still an easy thing for us to miss

"Some times my life it seems like fiction
Some of the days it's really quite serene
I'm a living proof of all life's contradictions
One half's going where the other
half's just been
And I'm a Pisces fish and the river runs
through my soul . . ."
- George Harrison


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