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Re: Theos-World ps:

Jan 05, 2003 05:34 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

"thalprin " wrote:
> Another occasional "favorite" odd/obscure mathematical operation I do
> enjoy to consider (although there are many) is something I see/term
> as a self-generation in which (in Base Ten, as a matter of its own
> nature and/or the geomathematics it exhibits) 12 self-gestates the
> Circle Of Invocation (or, relative Duat) and the 10 trisects the 108
> degree angle - (yes, even with compass and straight-edge.)

Esoteric artist and mathematician "Nybor" claims that he has found a
way to trisect any angle with a compass and straight edge, but it
requires equating a line segment with an arc of a circle with an
infinite radius.


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