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Theosophical doctrine - or secterian behavoir ?

Jan 04, 2003 06:14 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi all of you,

My view is:
I here ask a question because of need for clarification.

Is the below true ? And if so, for which theosophical organizations and groups is this true ?:
"The T.S. claims that only its members can be disciples of the Masters of Wisdom."

It will be helpfull if someone would or could give an answer to this.

The reason for this simple question is due to the seemingly fact, that here at Theos-Talk and elsewhere on the Planet there is by some people a supported view of "Biblical" doctrine (i.e. clinging selectively to books from certain authors - for instance - like Blavatsky, Judge etc...), and that this is the day of the order, when we deal with the wisdom tradition - or what some would call the meaning of life.
Blavatsky promoted the view, that we cull the GOOD, we find in each book and system of doctrine... ("The Key to Theosophy"; Section 2) But how does each group view this idea, - and do they follow this view, one could ask.

Of course we all (or nearly all) have our favorite books and authors, which we use and/or get inspired from. Time passes though.
But how does Theosophical groups and organizations BEST avoid becoming secterian, - and thereby avoiding to promote a narrowminded view on which books are accepted as theosophical, and which organizations are acppeted or not ? And do they succed in that at present ?
I think this has importance.

Theosophy and also the wisdom tradition are by definition not secterian. 
And should not be promoted as such. Those, who think so, are not promoting real Theosophy and living wisdom.

There are at present at least four groups - on theosophical-book-doctrine - if we JUST mention those using the name of "theosophy" when talking about the wisdom tradition - (i.e. the teaching on ancient wisdom from all ages).
a) Those who cling to only a few books, (maybe being afraid for 'building on sand instead of on a rock')
b) Those who cling to the doctrine anything goes - or almost anything (i.e. if the book contains just one word on theosophy then it is accepted)
c) Those who follow their own offshot(s) made by an author or authors of books (i.e. followers of a certain kind of book-line created by an author or authors past the official physical death of Blavatsky, while often rejection other similar authors books)
d) Those which - in a certain sense - are a mix of the above

My view is, that there are authors, who belongs to the wisdom tradition, but who never writes using the word "theosophy" or anything like it in their books.
But who they are, or the major important ones are, well that is not quite clear - even today year 2003, not even within theosophical circles.
That it is so, - is quite interesting.
And that not all books are suitable for the new seekers of wisdom are also interesting.

The issue is, that some seekers of wisdom, have this sort of strange view, that the whole truth can be written on just a few physical books - ie. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and maybe 100 or 200 books. But I have to tell those who think so, they at present are very wrong, when having such assumptions.
The books may help the seeker on the path towards wisdom. The truth and wisdom are not to be found in form of a physical book. Both truth and wisdom are formless.

Different groups and organizations can lead different aspirant and seekers of wisdom on the path towards spiritual liberation. One path for each seeker, that is the truth.

Well these were my views.
Feel free do your best or to comment...

M. Sufilight with peace...

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