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Re: Theos-World Bhakti Ananda Goswami on the "Esoteric and Science News" website

Jan 01, 2003 12:23 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

I am back - all of you,

My views are given in the below:
Just read the below from D. Caldwell.
And I have to say, that if B. A. Goswami support the following link, -
then - the issue of "Dugpaship" comes to my mind. Truth is truth.

On what "Dugpas" are - try this: (Blavatsky article)

I quote this:
"Editor: Since the group of 170 scholars from the various neo-theosophical
groups and organisations has yielded so few responses that were able to
match the scholarship of BA G, I have invited Eric Wynants (an expert on
the history of esoteric movements worldwide) and an Indologist specialized
in Buddhism who will due to his academic position participate under the name
Kela. "

My Sufilight answer:
Well, but B. A. Goswami has as I understand it - more than one time here at
Theos-Talk stated, that debates with non-scholars are out of the question.
Right ?
So what is this above socalled "Editor"s motives ?
I think that this Editor is wrong and lies.

And this one too:
Quoting from the site:
"BA G: The Masters as extra-"ordinary" beings is asserted here. One could
reject the fictitious claims made for the Masters and still accept that in
mortal human terms, HPB's human prototypes for the Masters WERE
extra-ordinary people. They were uniquely privileged and intelligent persons
strategically located in time and place to create a unique synthesis of some
Eastern and Western thought systems. The problem is not in acknowledging the
giftedness of HPB and her Masters, it is in being required to accept the
whole fictional package that they have been wrapped in. The problem is the
basic lack of honesty and forth-rightness that pervades the entire
Theosophical enterprise. However this can be understood as a pathology
common to all secret societies and "occult" brotherhoods that normally
function under the cover of various forms of purposeful obscuration and

Internal discussion of falsified Mahatma Letters runs throughout the early
Theosophical Society documents. A lot of expert sophistry and word-jugglery
is used to euphemize the obvious lying, cheating and deception that was
going on in the organization. "

My Sufilight answer:
None is required to accept anything as stated above. But one is certainly
encouraged to THINK or something like that. The use of the word "required"
in the above is clearly false and NOT Theosophical teaching.
If the "wrapping of the package" is fictional or not, or partly so is of
less importance; - i.e. misunderstandings can always occur on a dualistic
level. The core teachings of Theosophy is the key to it all.
Learn to use the "7 keys" as mentioned by Blavatsky - and seek avoid oneway
dead-letter thinking and reading.

And a distastefull quote still runs the frontpage of an almost similar
website -
at :
"This expose begins with one of the most totalizing of modern myths:
Theosophy. Privileged spokespersons present themselves as the sole
legitimate conduits of ancient wisdom. Contenders are ruthlessly fought with
an array of verbal arguments as well as practical measures."

The above is a clear lie. And there is no need to clarify that !

Martin Luther King Jr. two excerpts:

"I think the first reason that we should love our enemies, and I think this
is at the very center of Jesus' thinking, is this: that hate for hate only
intensifies the existence of hate and evil in the universe. If I hit you and
you hit me and I hit you back and you hit me back and go on, you see, that
goes on ad infinitum. It just never ends. Somewhere somebody must have a
little sense, and that's the strong person. The strong person is the person
who can cut off the chain of hate, the chain of evil. And that is the
tragedy of hate, that it doesn't cut it off. It only intensifies the
existence of hate and evil in the universe. Somebody must have religion
enough and morality enough to cut it off, and inject within the very
structure of the universe that strong and powerful element of love."

Excerpted from "Loving Your Enemies", a sermon delivered on 17 November 1957
at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Ala. (full text)

"Now let me suggest first that if we are to have peace on earth, our
loyalties must become ecumenical rather that sectional. Our loyalties must
transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; and this means we
must develop a world perspective. No individual can live alone; no nation
can live alone, and as long as we try, the more we are going to have war in
this world. Now the judgement of God is upon us, and we must either learn to
live together as brothers or we are all going to perish together as fools."

Excerpted from "A Christmas Sermon on Peace", delivered on 24 December 1967
at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga.

Well perish, yes - but maybe only due to Karma...>:-)

Attraction of Celebrities
A man who is being delivered frim the danger of a fierce lion deos not
object, wheather this service is performed by an unknown or by an
illustrious individual. Why, therefore, do people seek knowledge from
celebrities ?

I think it was the sufi El-Ghazali (d.1111) who said something like the
The disticntion between opinion and knowledge is something, which can easily
be lost. When this happens,
it is incumbent upon those who know the difference to make it plain as far
as they are able.
This habit of confusing opinion with knowledge is almost a epidemic disease
these days.
Well, that was years ago, but this issue seems to be a disease even today.

It is allright that some people have authorities. But they have to be
constructive. If the authority is
destructive, then I won't be good and have to be stopped.
I could ask if any has an opinion on wheather any authorities today are good
or bad, and I would probably get a lot of hands.
But if I ask about if any have the needed spiritual knowledge to judged
wheather it is true, - I bet near all the hands will fall down - if the
truth was to be presented.

Please rethink your positions...

M. sufilight with peace...peace...peace...

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Subject: Theos-World Bhakti Ananda Goswami on the "Esoteric and Science
News" website

> Dear Bhakti Ananda Goswami,
> Since you are announcing on Theos-Talk an article about HPB published
> on the "Esoteric and Science News" website at
> <> ,
> can you tell us who is the CURRENT editor of that website?
> In early to mid Nov. 2002, the editor of that site was still Brian
> Muehlebach, who had mysteriously taken over the editorship from
> Brigitte Muehlegger in Aug. 2002.
> But soon after Eldon Tucker "booted" Brian from Theos-Talk in the
> latter part of Nov., Brian's name as editor disappeared COMPLETELY
> from that website and Raphael Vishanu (Gregory Tillett should
> remember that name) became the editor.
> Go to the very bottom of the page at
> <>
> and see the link to "Editor". This link goes to
> A week ago this link gave pictures apparently of R.V. Now the link
> is dead. But notice the pictures and the caption right above
> this "Editor" link. The caption reads:
> "This morning yours editor went out at six in the morning Dec. 24,
> 2002, and while my two children were putting rice in the monk's bowls
> that they carry each morning from/to their monasteries, I took a few
> pictures for you. This is near the border of Burma/Thailand where we
> live surrounded by more than 100 acres of rice field (that are worked
> entirely by hand). Picture to the left is when the light was just
> rising."
> Thailand??
> Also I do not as of this morning see Raphael Vishanu's name listed as
> editor anywhere on this homepage. In December his name as editor was
> on the homepage of the website.
> OBTW, I see a "mirror" site of "Esoteric and Science News" at:
> Daniel
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