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Bhakti Ananda Goswami on the "Esoteric and Science News" website

Jan 01, 2003 08:07 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell " <>

Dear Bhakti Ananda Goswami,

Since you are announcing on Theos-Talk an article about HPB published 
on the "Esoteric and Science News" website at 
<> , 
can you tell us who is the CURRENT editor of that website?

In early to mid Nov. 2002, the editor of that site was still Brian 
Muehlebach, who had mysteriously taken over the editorship from 
Brigitte Muehlegger in Aug. 2002. 

But soon after Eldon Tucker "booted" Brian from Theos-Talk in the 
latter part of Nov., Brian's name as editor disappeared COMPLETELY 
from that website and Raphael Vishanu (Gregory Tillett should 
remember that name) became the editor.

Go to the very bottom of the page at 
and see the link to "Editor". This link goes to

A week ago this link gave pictures apparently of R.V. Now the link 
is dead. But notice the pictures and the caption right above 
this "Editor" link. The caption reads:

"This morning yours editor went out at six in the morning Dec. 24, 
2002, and while my two children were putting rice in the monk's bowls 
that they carry each morning from/to their monasteries, I took a few 
pictures for you. This is near the border of Burma/Thailand where we 
live surrounded by more than 100 acres of rice field (that are worked 
entirely by hand). Picture to the left is when the light was just 


Also I do not as of this morning see Raphael Vishanu's name listed as 
editor anywhere on this homepage. In December his name as editor was 
on the homepage of the website.

OBTW, I see a "mirror" site of "Esoteric and Science News" at:


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