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Re: Theos-World Fwd: Jung, Buber, Freud, Nietzsche and Gnosticism -- Part II

Nov 30, 2002 07:41 PM
by samblo

Forgive me for using this e-mail to reply to your immediate previous 
which due to my ISP disconnecting me was lost in the midst of my reply.
Thanks for your posts regards the Nag Hammadhi. I do have this inquiry 
to make.
It is my understanding that Carl Jung's Discipline was Psychiatry and 
that he was
the Founder of the Branch of Psychiatry named "Analytic Psychology." The 
distinction being that there is a separate Discipline called Psychology, 
is this not
Although the recovered contents of what came to be the Jung codex 
later became
when published known as the Nag Hammadhi I recall that back in the period 
1975 we all waited with baited breath for the first real Publication. As 
the story was
told then that each and every one of the Western Orthodox Religions 
refused to 
sponsor or fund the project of publication and were steadfastly against 
it. I got one 
copy of the first 15 copies in L.A. in 1977.

The survey you except regards the problem of "Evil" as viewed by 
historical and
contemporary scholars is interesting, however it may be that it is the 
word concept
itself as secondary production of the common universal conditioned 
mindedness of 
the humanity itself that presents the defined outline for us. One way 
might be to go up
a rung and instead of "Evil" contrast "Truth" when asking "what is Truth?" 
a reply
might be --- "The absence of error". In the context of gradient 
Transcendental Truth
completely fulfills the definition and the mechanics of the projection of 
the Samsaric
is universally inclusive of it's entirety whether Ego, Objects, Thought or
Consciousness that matriculates Activity as such may be. All the Lila of 
is means of participation, the implication seems that the Timeless assumes
Timeness as a Garb and Robe of Glory but being Veiled to the Hylic and 
most of the 
others, the interiorized subjectively and reactively become bond to the 
authority of the conditioned mind. Finally they reach a point where the 
pertinent guiding reality is "I am a body" , distinctions are carried 
forward from there
to further augment and make solid and most concrete anchor to materialism.

In your mention of the "I-I,I-It" and the other two conditional orders, 
my reflection is
that these are a restating of the structural form of the Dialectic Inquiry 
of both the 
Platonic and Katayapa systems anciently used in the East for arriving at 

The first Set:
"What Happens if the contemplated Object"

"Is" or "Is Not"

The Second Set"
"What Happens if the contemplated Object"
"Is" or "Is Not'

The Third Set:
"What happens if the contemplated Object
"Is" or "Is Not"

Now these Primary Sets where further inspected individually and wheeled 
the Secondary Conditionals vis:

Is or Is Not as regards "I-I (Self to Self")
"I-It(Self to Another)
"It-It (Another to Another)
"We-We" (Another back to Self)

Just as and aside many years ago in 1968 Scientology Called these 
and later Quad-flows", the difference being that they significantly 
augmented the 
process through the use of their "E-Meter technology."

Additionally a long list of "Perceptions" and "Somatics" then also 
"wheeled to 
encompass the Senses, Organs of Sense, etc. Now many of the current 
not ever having exposure to the East they cannot connect the dots so to 
as the time tried Old becomes the New.

I do hope you will post my in the genre of the current posts.


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