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Theos-World Re:Leadbeater & Krishnamurti

Nov 30, 2002 06:55 PM
by Steve Stubbs

Larry and ramadoss:

You both raise some interesting points. Unless K was what 
psychologists call a "superkid" it is impossible that he would not 
have been damaged by Leadbeater, but your comments make it clear he 
was a more complex character than I had thought. There is no 
question that he was an outstanding group leader, which is 90% of 
being a guru. It is apparent to me that he was trained in these 
skills by Besant et al when she was exploiting him for that "order" 
of hers. So that part is quite easy to explain. When he was a child 
Marjoe Gortner was exploited by his parents, who were tent preachers, 
and he applied those skills to his own tent preacher business with 
great effect when he got grown. There is an award wining documentary 
about him called MARJOE which can sometimes be found on eBay. As for 
the other 10% of being a guru, it has always seemed t me that as a 
philosopher K was a pretty good tent preacher. Wxcellent platform 
style has covered up intellectual flimsiness in more than 
one "guru." So that he would start out as a dull kid and end up a 
spellbinder is not that hard to explain.

Having been closely associated with Leadbeater, K would have known 
better than anyone else that Leadbeater was a liar, a pervert, a 
child molester amd an impostor. It is impossible that he could have 
been unaware of those aspects or unaffected by them. So if he 
tactfully failed to mention that in his "I'm Outta Here" statement 
that CPULD mean they were not factors in his decision, and again it 
could mean he just thought it the better part of decorum not to bring 
it up. So his statement is important evidence, but unfortunately not 

--- In theos-talk@y..., Larry F Kolts <llkingston2@j...> wrote:
> No, K never married. But there is fairly solid proof that he had a
> mistress. This was first brought to light by Radha Sloss in her book
> Rajagopal, the wife of K's business managerand Radha's own mother. 
It was
> Raj who basically told his wife that after the birth of their 
daughter he
> would no longer have sexual relations with her. K's defender Mary
> Lutyens, while covering this affair up for many years in her earlier
> biographies of K, finally admits to the truth in her book 
> Larry 
> On Sat, 30 Nov 2002 18:10:43 -0600 ramadoss@g... writes:
> > Also Krishnamurti never married.
> > mkr
> > 
> > 
> > At 03:51 PM 11/30/02 +0000, Steve Stubbs wrote:
> > Then because of the abuse Krishnamurti ended up a lifelong 
> just like Leadbeater,Jinarajadasa, Babula, and Damodar, who thought 
> were 
> > disgustingand told his wife to take a hike.
> > 
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