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Re: Theos-World *** official message *** things getting a bit too wild on the list

Nov 24, 2002 03:22 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi Eldon and all of you,

To all of you: Feel completely free to agree or disagree on the below.

My motives with this email a wellmeaning for all here at Theos-talk.
My views are:
God - ParaBrahman always helps everyone. The kind of help one gets can be
quite unexpected.

I am not emailing you in private Eldon , because I think that to be the
Did your email below in fact suggest people to email you in private with
suggestions ?
And thanks for your email Eldon.
It helped me, and I think the list needed it.

But I also feel somewhat uncertain because of its content.

Does the content of your email imply, that people from other thoughtsystems
or different kinds
Religions than Theosophy now are no more welcome at this place ?
And if they are not - why ?
If they are welcome - then in what manner are they welcome ? (I.e. not using
I think there is a needed for more clarification here.
What do you think ?

I also think we will have to be at least a little patient from time to time.
Because writing emails - is a kind of an art. Well, Living is to me an art.
More over, this list has members from - a number of non-english countries
(the language used at Theos-talk)
and a variety of cultures.
And exactly because of that and also because of the subjects dealt with, the
tendency of emails being created -
which contains misunderstandings, are somewhat high here at Theos-talk.
one ought to deal with misunderstandings in a proper a compassionate manner.
I think, that has been one of the problems lately on this list.
I think, there is no fast quick-fix solution on that.
One will have to live with it - or changes the member-policy for Theos-talk.
If the word "misunderstandings" was taken by people at Theos-talk to be one
of the more commen
rootcauses to - the sort of heated debates at Theos-talk - some problems
will or could disappear.
But, of course this are not the only problem which has been around lately on

My mind tend to think about - the debates in the olden days like the ones
Shankaracharya and other sages, or Buddhas debates with his disciples, -
and other debates through time were serious dispute between different
have taken place. - This is to me an example on what this list for instance
could be doing.
I.e. for instance.
The fruits of that could be something great for everyone.

The following are just views about this list. Feel completely free to agree
or disagree:
Maybe there also is a law for lists like this by the name Theos-talk.
This law could be spiritual or is spiritual.
Social relations like the ones here at Theos-talk are different than
ordinary social relations between people.
At least it must be true with wisdom and Extra Sensory Perception being on
the agenda.
To some these relations are quite developing. To others they are definately
But who is to deceide that - if any ?

In the olden days and today the Sage sort of collected a number of disciples
around him/her.
This number was often not very high. Often between 12-30 people depending on
who it was and is.
This for practical reasons.
Fewer disciples - equals - MORE quality in education and spiritual growth.
Well, for most Sages. >:-)

But the need for a kind of 'open' place, where debates can run - somewhat
more freely, is noted.
And that is what Theos-talk is doing in at present.
If the members were centered more around a teacher, then the attitude would
maybe be different on Theos-talk -
depending on the kind of leadership of the teacher. Even if he was a very
very friendly and democratic one. >:-)

So we will have to remember our past lives, where we got educated in smaller
groups. And remember that this habit of good experiences - some members seem
to be missing here at Theos-talk from time to time.
That is maybe also why there comes problems here at Theos-talk from time to

Sometimes some talk about to many emails are being made - and that their
e-mail box get overcrowded or the like.
What is the policy on that ?

Well, let us just say that the above is a view, one could have.

To all of you: Feel completely free to do your best...

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

----- Original Message -----
From: "Eldon B Tucker" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, November 24, 2002 5:48 AM
Subject: Theos-World *** official message *** things getting a bit too wild
on the list

> Generally, I like to think of the mailing list as a microcosm of the
> greater community of people that might want to talk about Theosophy.
> There would be some chaos at times, but I would expect a
> constructive order to arise out of the chaos and something of value
> to come of the exchanges.
> At the present, the way that people have been treating each other
> has been poor. In the past five days, we've gotten three new
> subscribers and had seven unsubscribe. I've gotten various letters
> complaining about things. I'll be thinking about what to do and try
> to come up with something by Sunday. (It's still Saturday night in
> California as I write this.)
> Meanwhile, I'll say that the purpose of the list is to explore the
> theosophical philosophy, which includes a comparative and respectful
> study of other beliefs. No one has the final word to speak on
> Theosophy to the others, either as an authority on its doctrines nor
> as the one, true historian knowing exactly what is behind it all.
> Everyone, please try to communicate in a way that is not dogmatic in
> tone nor hostile to other fellow seekers.
> The intended purpose of the list is not to be a battleground for
> anyone seeking to "debunk" it. It is to explore and understand the
> philosophy and follow a spiritual quest. It is intended to be a
> library, lecture hall, church, or nature retreat, not a courtroom
> where litigants can bring charges, making challenge after challenge.
> People on the list are mainly here to learn, study, and share in a
> mutual spiritual quest. Aggressive missionaries for other beliefs
> should put down their weapons of war and join us in peace, or go do
> battle elsewhere. People don't want their time wasted countering an
> unrelenting assult on characters they may consider their Gurus or on
> noble sentiments that they hold close to their hearts.
> I would also like to mention something that appears on all the
> Theosophy World web pages: Please note that the materials presented
> are the intellectual property of their respective authors and may
> not be reposted or otherwise republished without prior permission.
> In a scholarly work, a short quote with proper citations may be made
> of a work, although if it is taken out of context or misrepresented,
> its use is unethical. Copying of entire messages or misrepresenting
> things is not acceptable behavior, though, and is intolerable.
> Anyone with suggestions should write me and I'll consider them while
> pondering what to do about the mess the list seems to be in.
> Meanwhile, I'd suggest that we keep up the good postings and simply
> ignore the ones that may be objectionable.
> -- Eldon Tucker (writing as listowner)
> Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to

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