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*** official message *** things getting a bit too wild on the list

Nov 23, 2002 08:48 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

Generally, I like to think of the mailing list as a microcosm of the 
greater community of people that might want to talk about Theosophy. 
There would be some chaos at times, but I would expect a 
constructive order to arise out of the chaos and something of value 
to come of the exchanges.

At the present, the way that people have been treating each other 
has been poor. In the past five days, we've gotten three new 
subscribers and had seven unsubscribe. I've gotten various letters 
complaining about things. I'll be thinking about what to do and try 
to come up with something by Sunday. (It's still Saturday night in 
California as I write this.)

Meanwhile, I'll say that the purpose of the list is to explore the 
theosophical philosophy, which includes a comparative and respectful 
study of other beliefs. No one has the final word to speak on 
Theosophy to the others, either as an authority on its doctrines nor 
as the one, true historian knowing exactly what is behind it all. 
Everyone, please try to communicate in a way that is not dogmatic in 
tone nor hostile to other fellow seekers.

The intended purpose of the list is not to be a battleground for 
anyone seeking to "debunk" it. It is to explore and understand the 
philosophy and follow a spiritual quest. It is intended to be a 
library, lecture hall, church, or nature retreat, not a courtroom 
where litigants can bring charges, making challenge after challenge.

People on the list are mainly here to learn, study, and share in a 
mutual spiritual quest. Aggressive missionaries for other beliefs 
should put down their weapons of war and join us in peace, or go do 
battle elsewhere. People don't want their time wasted countering an 
unrelenting assult on characters they may consider their Gurus or on 
noble sentiments that they hold close to their hearts.

I would also like to mention something that appears on all the 
Theosophy World web pages: Please note that the materials presented 
are the intellectual property of their respective authors and may 
not be reposted or otherwise republished without prior permission.

In a scholarly work, a short quote with proper citations may be made 
of a work, although if it is taken out of context or misrepresented, 
its use is unethical. Copying of entire messages or misrepresenting 
things is not acceptable behavior, though, and is intolerable. 

Anyone with suggestions should write me and I'll consider them while 
pondering what to do about the mess the list seems to be in. 
Meanwhile, I'd suggest that we keep up the good postings and simply 
ignore the ones that may be objectionable.

-- Eldon Tucker (writing as listowner)

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