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Nov 24, 2002 03:06 AM
by leonmaurer

Bhakti Ananda Goswami:

I entirely agree with the response of Eldon Tucker to your recent post of 
part 1 of your article. In addition, I do take responsibility for some of 
the "hastily written postings" he mentioned... And wish to state that, while 
I have a "yoga" system of my own, I have no wish to argue about the 
fundamental concepts or teachings upon which your personal religious belief 
system and practice rests. Apropos, I regret the thoughtless misidentifying 
of you as "Vedantist and separatist." 

Please accept my apology for using such ad hominem terms, and lumping you 
together in a letter directed to someone else -- with whom I have serious 
disagreements concerning the baseless and opinionated propaganda methods and 
techniques used by that writer to make a case against the validity of the 
theosophical teachings, as well as impugning the honor and credibility of its 
teachers -- who no longer can defend themselves.

Please understand that, since my letters are written in a public 
"theosophical" forum, my response to the anti-theosophical beliefs of that 
writer rests on the writings of HPB (and the Masters she professed to 
represent) -- with respect solely to their metaphysical teachings -- which I 
have been interpreting, ontologically, strictly from a scientifically valid 
point of view. Whatever "religious" beliefs that these teachings and their 
interpretation in scientific terms may engender, I leave strictly to the 
judgment of each individual student. 

Respectfully and Sincerely,

Leon H. Maurer

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