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FW: Theos-World == unsubscribe

Nov 23, 2002 01:02 PM
by dalval14

Nov 23 2002

Dear Eldon:




I transfer to you a piece of instruction that has been addressed to

However: -- May I take this opportunity to observe: And, I consider
this is important.


I find more and more of subscribers to the chat-talk groups are
UNSUBSCRIBING because of the flow of unchecked calumnies directed at H
P B's good name and the irresponsible vilifying of the philosophy of
THEOSOPHY (without proof) in general.

I find that over the course of the last 3 or 4 years there is visible,
a repetitious quality in certain mailings and postings of an insulting
and inaccurate type.

Refutation and proof of piracy and repeating exploded lies has had no
effect on them.

They do not stop, nor are the refutations returned by them, answered
in any coherent way.

In general, one observes that the prejudiced, adverse, and insulting
postings do not reflect any degree of the fairness, or the inquiring,
unprejudiced research of true scholarship.

H P B is, of course, above such things, but to find her work being
ridiculed for reasons that are long and well disproved is ridiculous.
[ We ought to establish a catalog of these calumnies, and the location
of documentary disproof of the same, for future easy reference. ]

[If possible, on controversial postings, from those sources, I would
exclude them, until they provide adequate referencing.]

I am offended. I protest. I believe we ought to be engaged in more
serous work.

I am not going to name the sources of the recent, jackal-like chorus,
of calumniating reports and postings, as they are obvious. There are
about 6 of them now functioning. The level of sheer "noise annoyance"
and confusion grows.

In response, I have seen growing a growing number of defenders,
well-qualified to refute by using available documents, and original
sources, the pirated materials, the calumnies, so repeatedly, and so
irresponsibly launched. These well qualified archivists have been
responding with evidence of the use of lying and false, disproved
statements, and an obvious lack of fairness.

But, seriously, do we all have to continue to suffer from them, and
reserve valuable time to efface their divagations from our records and
our minds?

Please consider this.

There is a wide line between calumny and discussion, and sincere
inquiry and investigation. The first accuses, the second inquires, in
its attempt to get at the truth wherever an however found.. In the
final analysis the scholar presents all facts, and sources, and allows
the student/reader to make up their own mind.

By all means let us study Theosophy, get to really know what it
teaches, and then, inquire deeply into all aspects of learning and
imagination, with a view to discover if there is any value there. Can
we use it ourselves as a point of view? Does it encourage that
attitude of true brotherhood which binds every living being, the
"life-atoms," ourselves, and the innumerable Worlds together into ONE

Best wishes,



Have you read, recently Judge's article HOW SHE MUST LAUGH [PATH,
July 1892] -- reprinted in Judge: Collected Articles (U L T edn..)
Vol. I, p. 322 .


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