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Re: Theos-World Re: British Israelism and other "6e Race=US" type beliefs.

Nov 23, 2002 10:50 AM
by Larry F Kolts

All this talk of the "Blood of Israel" being found in Britain and other
places is certainly nothing new. The concept is a major component of
Mormonism and also of the Armstrong Worldwide Church of God. 

No blood lines are very pure. We are all mongrels of some sort. But while
genealogy is important in the Mormon faith it has little to do with
Theosophical Rounds and Races. Yet both arrive at the same point.

Years ago, before I had ever heard of Theosophy, HPB or the phrase
"universal brotherhood" I was preaching from a Mormon pulpit the
"universality of the brotherhood of man" based on genealogy. Yes, those
were my exact words. Then when I found Theosophy i had to reflect to
myself, " HPB sure put it in a more concise way didn't she?"

I can only speak for Europeans, but the basic principles hold everywhere.
We all have two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandparents and
so on as be go back. If we trace our lines back to the time of
Charlemagne, we find that we have more progenitors then the population at
that time. Nearly everyone of European descent can somehow tie into royal
lines nad in so doing go back to Charlemagne. That Frankish line is key
to the belief (true or nay) that Israeli blood flows in the royal houses
of Europe. The Franks are rumored to come from the Scythians who
supposedly are the Lost tribe of Ephraim. 
By tracing through certain Greek lines, one comes on the House of David

But why single out Bonnie Prince Charlie? He is only where he is because
of the rules of primogenitor but carries the same genes as most of us. He
has a title, we don't. 

So what is the religious significance of this?

Abraham was promiced (Gen 12:2-3) "And I will make of thee a great
nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be
a blessing; and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that

Now the balance of the OT follows this blessing first to Issac, then to
Jacob(Israel) and to then to Judah (the first Jew). The doctrine of the
chosen people was born.

Yet Christianity reinterpreted all this. Most Christains believe that
they are the ADOPTED children of Abraham, modern Israel as it were.

But Mormons and Armstrongites take it further, to them the pure blood of
Israel must flow through the veins of all believers. Mormons taught for
years that they were "gathering" the blood of Israel from among the
nations. After a person converts to Mormonism, they recieve a
"patriarchal blessing" which declares their lineage. The owding of mine
is about as common as any: "Brother Kolts thou has come upon the earth
in this day through the loins of Ephraim, through the household of the
faithful and thou art entilted to all of his blessings..."

Now Mormons teach that there are three important items passed on fron
generation to generation.

1-The office of Patriarch which concerns the giving of blessings and also
the inheritence of material things including land.

2-The Sceptre or right to kingship

3-The Priesthood or power to act in the name of god 

Mormons teach that Adam had all three and were passed from father to sone
down to Noah and then to Abraham. Abraham gave them to Isaac who in turm
gave them to Jacob (Israel). But then all hell breaks loose. Jacon had
twelve sons. The eldest Reuben, should have recieved all three but did
evel in the sight of the Lord as lost it all. he was the eldest son of
Leah, Jacobs first wife. the Patriarcate then passed to Joseph, eldest
son of Jacob's second wife Rachel. The Sceptre went to Judah and in Moses
time, the Priesthood went to tribe of Levi. 

Joseph gave the Patriarcate to his eldest Ephraim but that tribe was
"lost" along with nine others during the Assyrian conquest of the
northern Kingdom of Israel. It is this tribe that is belived to have
settled in the Black Sea area ahd to have cime to Europe during the
invasion of the Franks and ends up in Britain with the Norman conquest.
Mormons take this one step further and maintain that the family of Joseph
Smith were the ligitimate heirs of the patriarcate.

>From the line of Judah came King David, Solomon and all the other kings
of Judah. Christains believe that Jesus was the legitimate King. From
this same bloodline it is taught that the modern monarchs of Britain are

The priesthood passed for generation through the Levites. Chritains
maintain that it was "lost" during the Greek takeover and that later High
Priests of Israel were illegitimate. Mormons teach that the man who
should have been hgh priest at the time Jesus should have been king was
John the Baptist. Mormons futher believe that this priesthood was later
give to Joseph Smith through divine intervention.

BUT! Despite all this exclusivity, Mormons then teach that all three of
the above are now available to all the world! Each man who becomes a
mormon is ordained to the priesthood and all who are "worthy" obtain the
office of Elder while still others are ordained to the presiding office
of High Priest. Each Elder then becomes a patriarch to his own family. 
Then, in the temple, one is able to become a "prophet, priest and king"
which leads to ultimate "godhood" Whew! I'm glad I'm out of that rat

That most likely more than most of you ever wanted to know, but it does
shed some light on this "Blood of Israel" stuff at least from one

Oh, BTW, It's good to here from Paul again. 

Larry Kolts 

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