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Re: "Location of God"

Nov 23, 2002 11:27 AM
by Wry

You make things too complex. Thinking thinking thinking will deplete 
you. Such a conundrum as stated below is like a genie in a bottle. 
It is always between oneself and ones "God". What is between comes 
out in the conscious ACT as an actice FORCE. This is why the human 
hand is a symbol of Jesus Christ. You people will talk talk talk till 
death comes and gets you with his grinning skull and bones. There is 
no bread-th to this. Will you never stop? Wry

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Morten Nymann Olesen" <global-
theosophy@a...> wrote:
> Hi Daniel and all of you,
> A view:
> A solution to the below problem could be - if one uses a "mirror" 
on the
> views on ParaBrahman one might get the idea !
> Try this posting - from 22nd november 2002.
> Here the idea of the mirror and maya comes forward.
> Here it is again --- changed slightly:
> Philosophers of all lands and all times have sought to discover the 
> about God, the objective world and man, as well as their mutual
> relationship. Maya is the will that causes all three. It is a clear,
> flawless mirror. When the Sattwic nature is reflected in that 
mirror, God
> results; when the Rajasic nature is reflected, the Jiva or 
> self results. It is ever-anxious to grow, to garb, to survive and 
to secure.
> When thamasic nature is reflected, matter (the objective world) is 
> result. All three are ParaAtman, but they derive their Reality as 
> reflections. When undergoing reflection they attain different forms 
> combinations of characteristics. the One becomes many; every one of 
the many
> is Real only because of the One in it. MAYA too is a component of 
the One;
> by the emphasis on that component, the One transformed Itself into 
> But the One is ever One.
> Love is NOT negative.
> Maya is also known as Universal Mother, Sakthi, Kali, Durga, Aum...
> Maya - Prakrithi is God's manifestation.
> Everything has come from God.
> There is nothing except God.
> Nature is God's manifestation.
> The cosmos is the embodiment of God.
> There is nothing not even an atom in the world without God.
> God is the immanent power in everything.
> God and Cosmos are related as Cause and Effect. The relationship is
> inter-dependent and inseparable.
> The basic truth of nature is One in the many; that is the key to its
> understanding.
> The ONE - in God alone is all flux, all this changing Cosmos, 
> All that you see in the cosmos - the moving and stationary objects -
is a
> manifestation of the ATMA.
> In the spiritual realm, what you hear at every step is ATMA.
> What you see is ATMA.
> What makes you forget is also ATMA !
> The world is designed to teach man to be one with God.
> The entire universe originated from sound vibrations.
> The one indestructible sound OM is Brahman, the Universal Absolute.
> Everything is Maya, but the TRUTH is shown there.
> Maya brings trouble, and at the same time protects the disciple of 
> The clouds seem to be stuck to the sky; so too MAYA (the tendency to
> conclude that what the senses tell us is true or to project our 
> and prejudices on to the world around us) gives us an untrue 
picture of
> It makes us believe, that the world is Real. Its impact warps our 
> process, our sensory impressions and our view on God, on creation, 
and on
> man. It spreads before us a diversity which tantalises and deceives.
> Maya flourishes on ignorance and ends with knowledge.
> The ignorance which prevents and postpones the inquiry into the 
nature of
> the Atma makes Maya flourish. So Vidya - AtmaVidya spells the doom 
of Maya.
> Another interesting point is this: It may be argued since Maya 
> Vidya, Maya is right and proper and deserving respect; but the 
Vidya that
> araises oout of it is also not permanent. As soon as Avidya is 
> through Vidya, the Vidya too ends ! The tree and the fire, both are
> destroyed when the fire ends !
> Love is our nature.
> Love is all.
> Everyone must become the embodiment of Love.
> Love alone makes lige meaningful.
> Live in Love.
> When you have LOVE, you practise non-voilence.
> The ATMA can be known only through LOVE; all claims to the contrary 
> spouriuos and missing the mark.
> Shower it, and you will be showered in return !
> Stop sharing Love totally, and there will be no more to share.
> Develop love by sharing it.
> Love is the basis for Self-discovery.
> The end of knoeledge is Love.
> Love is constant. Only onchanging love that shines brightly in the 
heart is
> true love.
> We should have faith in Love which is another form of God.
> There is only one royal road for the spiritual journey ... LOVE.
> Love lead you quickly to the Goal.
> Love is nothing else but Love. --- Ignorance bars your view.
> Love is the fundamental spiritual discipline.
> Love wins against all evils.
> Love is patient when needed.
> Love your enemies. Treat even the ones you hate as your friends.
> Love is NOT negative.
> from
> M. Sufilight with peace...or a peace...
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> Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2002 7:36 PM
> Subject: Theos-World "Location of God"
> > In a chapter titled "Location of God" in his book THE COSMIC WOMB,
> > Arthur W. Osborn comments:
> >
> > ". . . when we ask such a question as, 'Does God exist?' we are
> > virtually implying someone or something OBJECTIVE in the same 
> > that we as individuals are objective. To be existent is to
> > objectively real; it is a particular manifestation of a
> > primal 'isness.' We are therefore back again to the problem of
> > immanence; and transcendence and immanence, if universal, would be
> > pantheism."
> >
> > "If God exists, therefore, He must represent some Reality having
> > objectivity RELATIVE to man and, indeed, to the universe. But 
> > poses the problem of reconciling the postulated quality of
> > universality with the objective implication of being in existence.
> > As we have noted, universality leads logically to pantheism, 
> > existence, with its aspect of objectivity, implies LIMITATION." p.
> > 57 caps added.
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