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Re: Theos-World "Location of God"

Nov 23, 2002 11:10 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi Daniel and all of you,

A view:
A solution to the below problem could be - if one uses a "mirror" on the
views on ParaBrahman one might get the idea !
Try this posting - from 22nd november 2002.

Here the idea of the mirror and maya comes forward.

Here it is again --- changed slightly:

Philosophers of all lands and all times have sought to discover the truth
about God, the objective world and man, as well as their mutual
relationship. Maya is the will that causes all three. It is a clear,
flawless mirror. When the Sattwic nature is reflected in that mirror, God
results; when the Rajasic nature is reflected, the Jiva or individualised
self results. It is ever-anxious to grow, to garb, to survive and to secure.
When thamasic nature is reflected, matter (the objective world) is the
result. All three are ParaAtman, but they derive their Reality as its
reflections. When undergoing reflection they attain different forms and
combinations of characteristics. the One becomes many; every one of the many
is Real only because of the One in it. MAYA too is a component of the One;
by the emphasis on that component, the One transformed Itself into many.
But the One is ever One.

Love is NOT negative.
Maya is also known as Universal Mother, Sakthi, Kali, Durga, Aum...

Maya - Prakrithi is God's manifestation.
Everything has come from God.
There is nothing except God.
Nature is God's manifestation.
The cosmos is the embodiment of God.
There is nothing not even an atom in the world without God.
God is the immanent power in everything.

God and Cosmos are related as Cause and Effect. The relationship is
inter-dependent and inseparable.
The basic truth of nature is One in the many; that is the key to its
The ONE - in God alone is all flux, all this changing Cosmos, established.
All that you see in the cosmos - the moving and stationary objects - is a
manifestation of the ATMA.
In the spiritual realm, what you hear at every step is ATMA.
What you see is ATMA.
What makes you forget is also ATMA !
The world is designed to teach man to be one with God.
The entire universe originated from sound vibrations.
The one indestructible sound OM is Brahman, the Universal Absolute.
Everything is Maya, but the TRUTH is shown there.

Maya brings trouble, and at the same time protects the disciple of God.
The clouds seem to be stuck to the sky; so too MAYA (the tendency to
conclude that what the senses tell us is true or to project our preferences
and prejudices on to the world around us) gives us an untrue picture of
It makes us believe, that the world is Real. Its impact warps our reasoning
process, our sensory impressions and our view on God, on creation, and on
man. It spreads before us a diversity which tantalises and deceives.

Maya flourishes on ignorance and ends with knowledge.
The ignorance which prevents and postpones the inquiry into the nature of
the Atma makes Maya flourish. So Vidya - AtmaVidya spells the doom of Maya.

Another interesting point is this: It may be argued since Maya produces
Vidya, Maya is right and proper and deserving respect; but the Vidya that
araises oout of it is also not permanent. As soon as Avidya is destroyed
through Vidya, the Vidya too ends ! The tree and the fire, both are
destroyed when the fire ends !

Love is our nature.
Love is all.
Everyone must become the embodiment of Love.
Love alone makes lige meaningful.
Live in Love.
When you have LOVE, you practise non-voilence.
The ATMA can be known only through LOVE; all claims to the contrary are
spouriuos and missing the mark.
Shower it, and you will be showered in return !
Stop sharing Love totally, and there will be no more to share.
Develop love by sharing it.
Love is the basis for Self-discovery.
The end of knoeledge is Love.
Love is constant. Only onchanging love that shines brightly in the heart is
true love.
We should have faith in Love which is another form of God.

There is only one royal road for the spiritual journey ... LOVE.
Love lead you quickly to the Goal.
Love is nothing else but Love. --- Ignorance bars your view.
Love is the fundamental spiritual discipline.
Love wins against all evils.
Love is patient when needed.
Love your enemies. Treat even the ones you hate as your friends.
Love is NOT negative.

M. Sufilight with peace...or a peace...

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> In a chapter titled "Location of God" in his book THE COSMIC WOMB,
> Arthur W. Osborn comments:
> ". . . when we ask such a question as, 'Does God exist?' we are
> virtually implying someone or something OBJECTIVE in the same sense
> that we as individuals are objective. To be existent is to
> objectively real; it is a particular manifestation of a
> primal 'isness.' We are therefore back again to the problem of
> immanence; and transcendence and immanence, if universal, would be
> pantheism."
> "If God exists, therefore, He must represent some Reality having
> objectivity RELATIVE to man and, indeed, to the universe. But this
> poses the problem of reconciling the postulated quality of
> universality with the objective implication of being in existence.
> As we have noted, universality leads logically to pantheism, whereas
> existence, with its aspect of objectivity, implies LIMITATION." p.
> 57 caps added.
> Daniel H. Caldwell
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