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Re: "Location of God"

Nov 23, 2002 11:06 AM
by Wry

Hi "Daniel." Here is a story for you to ponder while on vacation: a 
monk at a monestary on the edge of the desert once asked the abbot of 
neighboring monestary, who was a wise man, an esoteric question about 
the nature of God. The abbot answered: "Go to your cell. It will give 
you the answer." 

You really are sort of a fascinating person. Too bad I'm not a woman.

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Daniel H. Caldwell" <comments@b...> wrote:
> In a chapter titled "Location of God" in his book THE COSMIC WOMB, 
> Arthur W. Osborn comments:
> ". . . when we ask such a question as, 'Does God exist?' we are 
> virtually implying someone or something OBJECTIVE in the same 
> that we as individuals are objective. To be existent is to 
> objectively real; it is a particular manifestation of a 
> primal 'isness.' We are therefore back again to the problem of 
> immanence; and transcendence and immanence, if universal, would be 
> pantheism."
> "If God exists, therefore, He must represent some Reality having 
> objectivity RELATIVE to man and, indeed, to the universe. But this 
> poses the problem of reconciling the postulated quality of 
> universality with the objective implication of being in existence. 
> As we have noted, universality leads logically to pantheism, 
> existence, with its aspect of objectivity, implies LIMITATION." p. 
> 57 caps added.
> Daniel H. Caldwell

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