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RE: God, Law, Karma

Nov 23, 2002 02:41 AM
by dalval14

Nov 23 2002

Re GOD LAW KARMA --- Whose on first ?

Dear Friends, and Tim:

Our Universe our world, and ourselves are all as forms and
incarnations the products of our choices (karma) made in a
previous incarnation.

Karma is the general rule and law that permeates the entire
universe and hold it together and by that means draws all beings
together where they naturally deserve to be.

But that does not make KARMA a “GOD.”

If you desire to find a God then perhaps you are looking for a

The search is endless, because the cause for our existence lies
far back in the night of eternity. The CAUSELESS CAUSE is said
to be the propulsive purpose for manifestation. You could call it
KARMA in a transcendental mode -- a vast power to spiritualize
all things. to make for wisdom and compassion and just action.

What we need to do is to learn the basics of theosophical
doctrines and then begin to make applications in our lives.

Law demands impersonality and universality, and hence
unselfishness, generosity and compassion -- these need to be
grasped as philosophical necessities. Virtues ought to guide our
every day choices and lives.

Best wishes,



Best wishes,



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From: Tim L
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2002 10:29 PM
Subject: God, Law, Karma

How's this for an idea. The Jews say that there is no difference
between God and the Law (the Torah). God is the Law and the Law
is God.
Now if Karma is the Law, then God is Karma.
Therefore, it would be the same thing to say God created the
world as Karma created the world.
Did my syllogisms get screwed up? :lol:

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