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Re: Theos-World Re: So was this materialization/precipitation "a big CON" too?

Nov 23, 2002 02:30 AM
by leonmaurer

Hi Bart,

Appreciate your quoting such documentation, or giving me some references -- 
(preferably on the web, if possible). My father, a master chemist, 
occultist, stage magician, show producer, and good friend of Houdini, 
demonstrated how Moses pulled off his trick of turning his real staff to a 
snake and back to a staff -- to defeat the snake trick of the Egyptian 
Priests (which my dad told me were simple tricks of alchemy). However, since 
I suspect that there isn't any real evidence that Moses' trick had anything 
to do with paralyzing a real snake, as claimed by Brian/Bridgitte, I'd like 
to confirm this. Moses trick was simply the use of skilled wood carving, 
plus "charm" or misdirection, along with which was described by HPB as the 
basis of all her "occult" magic. BTW, I have a sculpted wooden walking stick 
that I can turn into a snake, or a harp, at a moment's notice. Would have 
bowled over those ancient Egyptian priests. :-) Did you know that Moses 
played a harp, which was also his staff? 


In a message dated 11/18/02 11:24:33 AM, writes:

> The Egyptian "staff to snake" effect is well-documented. There is, at
>this point, no proof that ANYBODY can do the infamous "Indian Rope
>Trick"; the latter is quite probably just a legend.
> Bart Lidofsky

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