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Nov 22, 2002 09:27 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 11/16/02 8:40:29 PM, quotes from 
the writings of HPB:

>As an emblem applicable to the objective idea, the simple triangle
>became a solid. When repeated in stone on the four cardinal points, it
>assumed the shape of the Pyramid -- the symbol of the phenomenal
>merging into the noumenal Universe of thought -- at the apex of the
>four triangles; and, as an "imaginary figure constructed of three
>mathematical lines," it symbolized the subjective spheres -- those
>lines "enclosing a mathematical space -- which is equal to nothing
>enclosing nothing." Because, to the senses and the untrained
>consciousness of profane and scientist, everything beyond the line of
>differentiated matter -- i.e., outside of, and beyond the realm of
>even the most spiritual substance -- has to remain for ever equal to
>nothing. It is the AIN-SOPH -- the No-THING.

In answer to the speculations of Mauri (and the Wisdom of his Buddhist 
philosophizing guru) who question the "existence" of the zero-point as the 
center of abstract AND phenomenal "space" and all spaces in-between -- which 
must contain the noumena and be the efficient source of both phenomenal 
(experienced) consciousness and matter, yet is empty of any form or 
dimension, and therefore, is no place and someplace, outside and inside, 
nowhere and everywhere in our non-physical and physical Cosmos -- study this 
statement! Compare it with HPB's statement above. And, THINK! 
Then, answer these "food for thought" questions: 

Is the geometric center (zero-point) of a turning wheel moving linearly 
through phenomenal space in the same manner as is a point on the 
circumference -- or not?

If not, is it in non linear, circular motion (spinning) -- or not? 

If so, is this angular motion equivalent to the "abstract motion" of absolute 
space -- or not?

Does it (and its spin motion) have any physical dimensions -- or not?

Is it existent in both "absolute SPACE" as well as in "phenomenal space" -- 
or not?

If not, where does it exist -- as the starting place of all that is, was, or 
ever will be?

Is it, in itself, an "Eternal Reality" -- or not? 

Does it have at least as much potential Force in it as the Universe has 
mass/energy -- or not

Is the concept in our mind of the existence of the zero-point an "illusion" 
-- or not

Is EIN-SOPH a zero-point -- or not? 

Does the zero-point EXIST as the starting or "Absolute SPACE" of all 
emanation of the lines of force that involve into the seven fold coenergetic 
fields that are the changeable and temporary, yet cyclically repeating 
playgrounds of all our states of consciousness in "phenomenal space"? -- or 

Are these states REAL when we experience them -- or not?

Are the noumena of these states in the zero-point, REAL (i.e., existent) -- 
or not

If all phenomena in the universe is subject to their opposites, is the 
emptiness of the zero-point the opposite of the fullness of its noumenal 
Force (or spinergy) as well as the fullness of the Cosmos (or mass/energy) -- 
or not?

Does the initial light that radiates out of the absolute zero-point travel 
much faster than the light (c) that radiates from of the physical "Big Bang" 
zero-point (Einstein's "singularity") -- or not?

Is the Scientific, Philosophical, and Religious knowledge (as inseparable and 
interrelated, factual realities) i. e., knowing who and what we are, where we 
came from, where we are going, and how we get there, necessary to be 
thoroughly examined and understood intuitively in equal measure, or 
synthetically -- for theosophists or any followers of religious dogmas to 
achieve enlightenment, SELF realization, and attaining adeptship -- or not? 

Is the "Scientific" knowledge, verifying the unity of all things important as 
the foundation for theosophy's "Religious" (moral-ethical) convictions -- or 

(P.S.; There's no need to answer these questions -- except to the 
satisfaction of your higher Self -- who already knows. ;-) 

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