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How to Kill some SPAM

Nov 16, 2002 00:09 AM
by leonmaurer


Do you sometimes feel like someone is tracking every site you visit on 

the internet? Do you find that your email spam is eerily targeted to 

your current interests? Do you use Yahoo? There might be a connection. 

Yahoo is now using "Web Beacons" to track Yahoo Group users around the 

net. They collect your IP address and cookie set information to monitor 

your activities. They promise in their privacy policy not to sell the 

information, but they say they may "share" it. You might want to take a 

look at their updated privacy statement:

About halfway down the page in the section "Outside the Yahoo network," 

you will see a small "click here" that will let you opt out of their 

new method of snooping. I recommend doing this. Be careful: On the next 

screen is a button that will "undo" the opt-out if you click on it.

The lesson here is that while nearly every site has a privacy 

statement, you should pay attention and actually read each one. Just 

having a privacy statement doesn't mean that the company intends to 

protect your privacy. In fact, many privacy statements now have opt-out 

buttons hidden within the statement.

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