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Nov 15, 2002 04:31 PM
by dalval14


Nov 15 2002.

Dear Friends:

This long quotation from H P B's SECRET DOCTRINE should serve several

1.	It establishes the nature of her scholarship in a basic area.

2.	It discusses ancient symbology in universal and synthesizing terms.

3.	It shows the profound value of understanding mathematics and

4.	It establishes a foundation for Universal and Impersonal Law.

5.	It shows the unity of thought and metaphysics at the base of

6.	It describes the process of involution that precedes evolution.

7.	It declares that the whole of SPACE is filled with live Monads, all
emanating from the same spiritual source, and all as individuals,
tending to return to that Source and not loosing that individuality
but proceeding further on the great adventures of higher life.

Best wishes,



"An Archaic Manuscript -- a collection of palm leaves made impermeable
to water, fire, and air, by some specific unknown process -- is before
the writer's eye. On the first page is an immaculate white disk within
a dull black ground. On the following page, the same disk, but with a
central point. The first, the student knows to represent Kosmos in
Eternity, before the re-awakening of still slumbering Energy, the
emanation of the Word in later systems.

The point in the hitherto immaculate Disk, Space and Eternity in
Pralaya, denotes the dawn of differentiation. It is the Point in the
Mundane Egg (see Part II., "The Mundane Egg"), the germ within the
latter which will become the Universe, the ALL, the boundless,
periodical Kosmos, this germ being latent and active, periodically and
by turns.

The one circle is divine Unity, from which all proceeds, whither all
returns. Its circumference -- a forcibly limited symbol, in view of
the limitation of the human mind -- indicates the abstract, ever
incognisable PRESENCE, and its plane, the Universal Soul, although the
two are one.

Only the face of the Disk being white and the ground all around black,
shows clearly that its plane is the only knowledge, dim and hazy
though it still is, that is attainable by man. It is on this plane
that the Manvantaric manifestations begin; for it is in this SOUL that
slumbers, during the Pralaya, the Divine Thought,* wherein lies
concealed the plan of every future Cosmogony and Theogony.

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 2 S D

It is the ONE LIFE, eternal, invisible, yet Omnipresent, without
beginning or end, yet periodical in its regular manifestations,
between which periods reigns the dark mystery of non-Being;
unconscious, yet absolute Consciousness; unrealisable, yet the one
self-existing reality; truly, "a chaos to the sense, a Kosmos to the
reason." Its one absolute attribute, which is ITSELF, eternal,
ceaseless Motion, is called in esoteric parlance the "Great Breath,"*
which is the perpetual motion of the universe, in the sense of
limitless, ever-present SPACE. That which is motionless cannot be
Divine. But then there is nothing in fact and reality absolutely
motionless within the universal soul...

>From the beginning of man's inheritance, from the first appearance of
the architects of the globe he lives in, the unrevealed Deity was
recognised and considered under its only philosophical aspect --
universal motion, the thrill of the creative Breath in Nature.
Occultism sums up the "One Existence" thus: "Deity is an arcane,
living (or moving) FIRE, and the eternal witnesses to this unseen
Presence are Light, Heat, Moisture," -- this trinity including, and
being the cause of, every
[[Vol. 1, Page]] 3	S D

phenomenon in Nature. Intra-Cosmic motion is eternal and ceaseless;
cosmic motion (the visible, or that which is subject to perception) is
finite and periodical. As an eternal abstraction it is the
EVER-PRESENT; as a manifestation, it is finite both in the coming
direction and the opposite, the two being the alpha and omega of
successive reconstructions. Kosmos -- the NOUMENON -- has nought to do
with the causal relations of the phenomenal World.

It is only with reference to the intra-cosmic soul, the ideal Kosmos
in the immutable Divine Thought, that we may say: "It never had a
beginning nor will it have an end." With regard to its body or Cosmic
organization, though it cannot be said that it had a first, or will
ever have a last construction, yet at each new Manvantara, its
organization may be regarded as the first and the last of its kind, as
it evolutes every time on a higher plane . . . ..In its turn,
rationalistic science greets the Buddhists and the Svabhavikas as the
"positivists" of the archaic ages. If we take a one-sided view of the
philosophy of the latter, our materialists may be right in their own
way. The Buddhists maintained that there is no Creator, but an
infinitude of creative powers, which collectively form the one eternal
substance, the essence of which is inscrutable -- hence not a subject
for speculation for any true philosopher....

Upon inaugurating an active period, says the Secret Doctrine, an
expansion of this Divine essence from without inwardly and from within
outwardly, occurs in obedience to eternal and immutable law, and the
phenomenal or visible universe is the ultimate result of the long
chain of cosmical forces thus progressively set in motion. In like
manner, when the passive condition is resumed, a contraction of the
Divine essence takes place, and the previous work of creation is
gradually and progressively undone.

The visible universe becomes disintegrated, its material dispersed;
and 'darkness' solitary and alone, broods once more over the face of
the 'deep.' To use a Metaphor from the Secret Books, which will convey
the idea still more clearly, an out-breathing of the 'unknown essence'
produces the world; and an inhalation causes it to disappear. This
process has been going on from all eternity, and our present universe
is but one of an infinite series, which had no beginning and will have
no end." -- (See "Isis Unveiled"; also "The Days and Nights of Brahma"
in Part II.)

This passage will be explained, as far as it is possible, in the
present work. Though, as it now stands, it contains nothing new to the
Orientalist, its esoteric interpretation may contain a good deal which
has hitherto remained entirely unknown to the Western student.
The first illustration being a plain disc the second one in the
Archaic symbol shows , a disc with a point in it -- the first
differentiation in the periodical manifestations of the ever-eternal
nature, sexless and infinite "Aditi in THAT" (Rig Veda), the point in
the disc, or potential Space within abstract Space. In its third stage
the point is transformed into a diameter, thus It now symbolises a
divine immaculate Mother-Nature within the all-embracing absolute

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 5 S D

When the diameter line is crossed by a vertical one , it becomes the
mundane cross. Humanity has reached its third root-race; it is the
sign for the origin of human life to begin. When the circumference
disappears and leaves only the it is a sign that the fall of man into
matter is accomplished, and the FOURTH race begins. The Cross within a
circle symbolises pure Pantheism; when the Cross was left uninscribed,
it became phallic. It had the same and yet other meanings as a TAU
inscribed within a circle or as a "Thor's hammer," the Jaina cross,
so-called, or simply Svastica within a circle
By the third symbol -- the circle divided in two by the horizontal
line of the diameter -- the first manifestation of creative (still
passive, because feminine) Nature was meant. The first shadowy
perception of man connected with procreation is feminine, because man
knows his mother more than his father. Hence female deities were more
sacred than the male. Nature is therefore feminine, and, to a degree,
objective and tangible, and the spirit Principle which fructifies it
is concealed. By adding to the circle with the horizontal line in it,
a perpendicular line, the tau was formed -- -- -- the oldest form of
the letter. It was the glyph of the third root-race to the day of its
symbolical Fall -- i.e., when the separation of sexes by natural
evolution took place -- when the figure became , the circle, or
sexless life modified or separated -- a double glyph or symbol. With
the races of our Fifth Race it became in symbology the sacr', and in
Hebrew n'cabvah, of the first-formed races;* then it changed into the
Egyptian (emblem of life), and still later into the sign of Venus,
Then comes the Svastica (Thor's hammer, or the "Hermetic Cross" now),
entirely separated from its Circle, thus becoming purely phallic. The
esoteric symbol of Kali Yuga is the five-pointed star reversed,
thus -- the sign of human sorcery, with its two points (horns) turned
heavenward, a position every

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 6 S D

Occultist will recognise as one of the "left-hand," and used in
ceremonial magic.

It is hoped that during the perusal of this work the erroneous ideas
of the public in general with regard to Pantheism will be modified. It
is wrong and unjust to regard the Buddhists and Advaitee Occultists as
atheists... if the Parabrahmam of the Hindus may be taken as a
representative of the hidden and nameless deities of other nations,
this absolute Principle will be found to be the prototype from which
all the others were copied. Parabrahm is not "God," because It is not
a God. "It is that which is supreme, and not supreme (paravara),"
explains Mandukya Upanishad.... IT is "Supreme" as CAUSE, not supreme
as effect. Parabrahm is simply, as a "Secondless Reality," the
all-inclusive Kosmos -- or, rather, the infinite Cosmic Space -- in
the highest spiritual sense, of course. ... Parabrahmam is a passive
because an Absolute Cause, the unconditioned Mukta. It is only limited
Omniscience and Omnipotence that are refused to the latter, because
these are still attributes (as reflected in man's perceptions); and
because Parabrahm, being the "Supreme ALL," the ever invisible spirit
and Soul of Nature, changeless and eternal, can have no attributes;
absoluteness very naturally precluding any idea of the finite or
conditioned from being connected with it.

...there can be neither two INFINITES nor two ABSOLUTES in a Universe
supposed to be Boundless, this Self-Existence can hardly be conceived
of as creating personally. In the sense and perceptions of finite
"Beings," THAT is Non-"being," in the sense that it is the one
BE-NESS; for, in this ALL lies concealed its coeternal and coeval
emanation or inherent radiation, which, upon becoming periodically
Brahma (the male-female Potency) becomes or expands itself into the
manifested Universe. Narayana moving on the (abstract) waters of
Space, is transformed into the Waters of concrete substance moved by
him, who now becomes the manifested WORD or Logos. "


Pages from The SECRET DOCTRINE I 613 to 620

Philosophy, however, could never have formed its conception of a
logical, universal, and absolute Deity if it had no Mathematical Point
within the Circle to base its speculations upon.

It is only the manifested Point, lost to our senses after its
pregenetic appearance in the infinitude and incognizability of the
Circle, that made a reconciliation between philosophy and theology
possible -- on condition that the latter should abandon its crude
materialistic dogmas.

And it is because it has so unwisely rejected the Pythagorean Monad
and geometrical figures, that Christian theology has evolved its
self-created human and personal God, the monstrous Head from whence
flow in two streams the dogmas of Salvation and Damnation. This is so
true that even those clergymen... who were masons, have, in their
arbitrary interpretations, fathered upon the ancient sages the queer
idea that "the Monad represented (with them) the throne of the
Omnipotent Deity, placed in the centre of the Empyrean to indicate
T.G.A.O.T.U."* -- read "the Great Architect of the Universe." A
curious explanation this, more Masonic than strictly Pythagorean.

Nor did the "hierogram within a Circle, or equilateral Triangle,"

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 614 S D

ever mean "the exemplification of the unity of the divine Essence";
for this was exemplified by the plane of the boundless Circle.

What it really meant was the triune co-equal Nature of the first
differentiated Substance, or the con-substantiality of the
(manifested) Spirit, matter and the Universe -- their "Son," who
proceeds from the Point (the real, esoteric LOGOS) or the Pythagorean

For the Greek Monas signifies "Unity" in its primary sense. Those
unable to seize the difference between the monad -- the Universal
Unit -- and the Monads or the manifested Unity, as also between the
ever-hidden and the revealed LOGOS or the Word, ought never to meddle
in philosophy, let alone the Esoteric Sciences.

It is needless to remind the educated reader of Kant's Thesis to
demonstrate his second Antinomy.* Those who have read and understood
it will see clearly the line we draw between the absolutely Ideal
Universe and the invisible though manifested Kosmos.

Our Gods and Monads are not the Elements of extension itself, but only
those of the invisible reality which is the basis of the manifested
Kosmos. Neither esoteric philosophy, nor Kant, nor Leibnitz would ever
admit that extension can be composed of simple or unextended parts.
But theologian-philosophers will not grasp this. The Circle and the
Point, which latter retires into and merges with the former, after
having emanated the first three points and connected them with lines,
thus forming the first noumenal basis of the Second Triangle in the
Manifested World, have ever been an insuperable obstacle to
theological flights into dogmatic Empyreans. ...

The Monad -- only the emanation and reflection of the Point (Logos) in
the phenomenal World -- becomes, as the apex of the manifested
equilateral triangle, the "Father." The left side or line is the Duad,
the "Mother," regarded as the evil, counteracting principle ...the
right side represents the Son ("his Mother's husband" in every
Cosmogony, as one with the apex); at the basic line is the Universal
plane of productive Nature, unifying on the phenomenal plane
Father-Mother-Son, as these were unified in the apex, in the
supersensuous World.

By mystic transmutation they became the Quaternary -- the triangle
became the TETRAKTIS.

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 615 SPACE, FORCE AND MATTER.

This transcendental application of geometry to Cosmic and divine
theogony -- the Alpha and the Omega of mystical conception -- became
dwarfed after Pythagoras by Aristotle.

By omitting the Point and the Circle, and taking no account of the
apex, he reduced the metaphysical value of the idea, and thus limited
the doctrine of magnitude to a simple TRIAD -- the line, the surface,
and the body. His modern heirs, who play at Idealism, have interpreted
these three geometrical figures as Space, Force, and Matter -- "the
potencies of an interacting Unity."

Materialistic Science, perceiving but the basic line of the manifested
"triangle" -- the plane of matter -- translates it practically as
(Father)-MATTER, (Mother)-MATTER, and (Son)-MATTER, and theoretically
as Matter, Force, and Correlation.

But to the average physicist, as remarked by a Kabalist, "Space,
Force, Matter, are, what signs in algebra are to the mathematician,
merely conventional symbols;" or "Force as force, and Matter as
matter, are as absolutely unknowable as is the assumed empty space in
which they are held to interact." As symbols representing
abstractions, "the physicist bases reasoned hypotheses of the origin
of things . . . . and sees three needs in what he terms creation: (a)
a place wherein to create; (b) a medium by which to create; (c) a
material from which to create. And in giving a logical expression to
this hypothesis through the terms space, force, matter, he believes he
has proved the existence of that which each of these represents as he
conceives it to be."

The physicist who regards Space merely as a representation of our
mind, or extension unrelated to things in it, which Locke defined as
capable of neither resistance nor motion; the paradoxical materialist,
who would have a void there, where he can see no matter, would reject
with the utmost contempt the proposition that "Space is a substantial
though (apparently) an absolutely unknowable living Entity." ...Such
is, nevertheless, the Kabalistic teaching, and it is that of Archaic

Space is the real world, while our world is an artificial one. It is
the One Unity throughout its infinitude: in its bottomless depths as
on its illusive surface; a surface studded with countless phenomenal
Universes, systems and mirage-like worlds.

Nevertheless, to the Eastern Occultist, who is an objective Idealist
at the bottom, in the real world, which is a Unity of Forces, there is
"a connection of all matter in the plenum," as Leibnitz would say.

This is symbolized in the Pythagorean Triangle.

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 616 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

It consists of ten points inscribed pyramid-like (from one to the last
four) within its three lines, and it symbolizes the Universe in the
famous Pythagorean Decad. The upper single dot is a Monad, and
represents a Unit-Point, which is the Unity from whence all proceeds,
and all is of the same essence with it.

While the ten dots within the triangle represent the phenomenal world,
the three sides of the equilateral triangle which enclose the pyramid
of dots are the barriers of noumenal Matter, or Substance, that
separate it from the world of Thought.

"Pythagoras considered a point to correspond in proportion to unity; a
line to 2; a superficies to 3; a solid to 4; and he defined a point as
a Monad having position, and the beginning of all things; a line was
thought to correspond with duality, because it was produced by the
first motion from indivisible nature, and formed the junction of two

A superficies was compared to the number three because it is the first
of all causes that are found in figures; for a circle, which is the
principal of all round figures, comprises a triad, in centre --
space -- circumference.

But a triangle, which is the first of all rectilineal figures, is
included in a ternary, and receives its form according to that number;
and was considered by the Pythagoreans to be the creator of all
sublunary things.

The four points at the base of the Pythagorean triangle correspond
with a solid or cube, which combines the principles of length,
breadth, and thickness, for no solid can have less than four extreme
boundary points." ...

It is argued that "the human mind cannot conceive an indivisible unit
short of the annihilation of the idea with its subject." This is an
error, as the Pythagoreans have proved, and a number of Seers before
them, although there is a special training for it, and although the
profane mind can hardly grasp it. But there are such things as
metamathematics and metageometry.

Even mathematics pure and simple proceed from the Universal to the
particular, from the mathematical, hence indivisible Point, to solid

The teaching originated in India, and was taught in Europe by
Pythagoras, who, throwing a veil over the Circle and the Point --
which no living man can define except as incomprehensible
abstractions -- laid the origin of the differentiated Cosmic matter in
the basic or horizontal line of the Triangle. Thus the latter became
the earliest of geometrical figures.

The author of "New Aspects of Life" and of the Kabalistic Mysteries --
objects to the objectivization, so to speak, of the Pythagorean
conception and use of the equilateral triangle, and calls it a
misnomer. His argument that a solid equilateral body -- "one whose
base, and each of its sides, form equal triangles -- must have four
co-equal sides or surfaces, while a triangular plane will as
necessarily possess five," demonstrates on the contrary the grandeur
of the conception in all its esoteric application to the idea of

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 617	PHANTOMS OF THE MIND.

the pregenesis, and the genesis of Kosmos.

Granted, that an ideal triangle, depicted by mathematical, imaginary
lines "can have no sides at all, being simply a phantom of the mind
(if sides be imputed to which, they must be the sides of the object it
constructively represents)."

But in such case most of the scientific hypotheses are no better than
"phantoms of the mind"; they are unverifiable, except on inference,
and have been adopted merely to answer scientific necessities.

Furthermore, the ideal triangle -- "as the abstract idea of a
triangular body, and, therefore, as the type of an abstract idea" --
accomplished and carried out to perfection the double symbolism

As an emblem applicable to the objective idea, the simple triangle
became a solid. When repeated in stone on the four cardinal points, it
assumed the shape of the Pyramid -- the symbol of the phenomenal
merging into the noumenal Universe of thought -- at the apex of the
four triangles; and, as an "imaginary figure constructed of three
mathematical lines," it symbolized the subjective spheres -- those
lines "enclosing a mathematical space -- which is equal to nothing
enclosing nothing." Because, to the senses and the untrained
consciousness of profane and scientist, everything beyond the line of
differentiated matter -- i.e., outside of, and beyond the realm of
even the most spiritual substance -- has to remain for ever equal to
nothing. It is the AIN-SOPH -- the No-THING.

Yet these "phantoms of the mind" are in truth no greater abstractions
than the abstract ideas in general upon evolution and physical
development -- e.g., Gravity, Matter, Force, etc. -- on which the
exact sciences are based. Our most eminent chemists and physicists are
earnestly pursuing the not hopeless attempt of finally tracing to its
hiding-place the protyle, or the basic line of the Pythagorean
triangle. The latter is, as said, the grandest conception imaginable,
as it symbolizes both the ideal and the visible universes.* For if
"the possible unit is only a possibility as an actuality of nature, as
an individual of any kind," and as every individual natural object is
capable of division, and by division loses its unity, or ceases to be
a unit, it is so only in the realm of exact sciences in a world as
deceptive as it is illusive.

In the realm of the Esoteric sciences the unit divided ad infinitum,
instead of losing its unity, approaches with every division the planes
of the only eternal REALITY. The eye of the SEER can follow and behold
it in all its pregenetic glory. This same idea of the reality of the
subjective, and the unreality of the objective universes, is found at
the bottom of the Pythagorean and Platonic teachings -- limited to the
Elect alone; for

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* In the world of Form, having found its expression in the Pyramids,
Symbolism has in them both a triangle and a square, with their four
co-equal triangles or surfaces, the four basic points, and the
fifth -- the apex.

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 618 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Porphyry, speaking of the Monad and the Duad, says that the former
only was considered substantial and real, "that most simple Being, the
cause of all unity and the measure of all things."

But the Duad, although the origin of Evil, or Matter -- thence unreal
in philosophy -- is still Substance during Manvantara, and is often
called the third monad, in Occultism, and the connecting line as
between two Points, . . . or Numbers which proceeded from THAT, "which
was before all Numbers," as expressed by Rabbi Barahiel. And from this
Duad proceeded all the Scintillas of the three upper and the four
lower worlds or planes -- which are in constant interaction and
correspondence. This is a teaching which the Kabala has in common with
Eastern Occultism. For in the occult philosophy there are the "ONE
Cause" and the "Primal Cause," which latter thus becomes,
paradoxically, the second,..." Thus he shows the early Hebrews
following in the steps of the Oriental philosophy -- Chaldean,
Persian, Hindu, Arabic, etc. Their Primal Cause was designated at
first "by the triadic Shaddai, the (triune) Almighty, subsequently by
the Tetragrammaton, Y H V H, symbol of the Past, Present, and Future,"
and, let us add, of the eternal IS, or the I AM.

Moreover, in the Kabala the name YHVH (or Jehovah) expresses a He and
a She, male and female, two in one, or Hokhmah and Binah, and his, or
rather their Shekinah or synthesizing spirit (grace), which makes
again of the Duad a Triad... together they make the i.e., one YH VH.
One, but of a male-female nature. The Shekinah is always considered in
the Qabbalah as feminine." And so it is considered in the exoteric
Puranas, for Shekinah is no more than Sakti -- the female double or
lining of any god, in such case. And so it was with the early
Christians whose Holy Spirit was feminine, as Sophia was with the

But in the transcendental Chaldean Kabala or "Book of Numbers,"
"Shekinah" is sexless, and the purest abstraction, a State, like
Nirvana, not subject or object or anything except an absolute

Thus it is only in the anthropomorphised systems (such as the Kabala
has now greatly become) that Shekinah-Sakti is feminine. As such she
becomes the Duad of Pythagoras, the two straight lines of the symbol
that can never meet, which therefore form no geometrical figure and

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 619 THE MONAD OF LEIBNITZ.

the symbol of matter. Out of this Duad, when united in one basic line
of the triangle on the lower plane (the upper Triangle of the
Sephirothal Tree), emerge the Elohim, or Deity in Cosmic Nature, with
the true Kabalists the lowest designation, translated in the Bible
"God" (see the same work and page).

Out of these issue the Scintillas. The Scintillas are the "Souls,"
and these Souls appear in the three-fold form of Monads (units), atoms
and gods -- according to our teaching.

"Every atom becomes a visible complex unit (a molecule), and once
attracted into the sphere of terrestrial activity, the Monadic
Essence, passing through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms,
becomes man." (Esot. Catechism.)

Again, "God, Monad, and Atom are the correspondences of Spirit, Mind,
and Body (Atma, Manas and Sthula Sarira) in man." In their septenary
aggregation they are the "Heavenly Man"; thus, terrestrial man is the
provisional reflection of the Heavenly. . . . .

"The Monads (Jivas) are the Souls of the Atoms, both are the fabric in
which the Chohans (Dhyanis, gods) cloth themselves when a form is
needed." (Esot. Cat.)

This relates to Cosmic and sub-planetary Monads, not to the
Super-Cosmic Monas (the Pythagorean Monad) as called, in its synthetic
character, by the Pantheistical Peripatetics.

The Monads of the present dissertation are treated from the standpoint
of their individuality, as atomic Souls, before these atoms descend
into pure terrestrial form. For this descent into concrete matter
marks the medial point of their own individual pilgrimage.

Here, losing in the mineral kingdom their individuality, they begin to
ascend through the seven states of terrestrial evolution to that point
where a correspondence is firmly established between the human and
Deva (divine) consciousness.

At present, however, we are not concerned with their terrestrial
metamorphoses and tribulations, but with their life and behaviour in
Space, on planes wherein the eye of the most intuitional chemist and
physicist cannot reach them -- unless, indeed, he develops in himself
highly clairvoyant faculties.

It is well known that Leibnitz came several times very near the truth,
but defined monadic evolution incorrectly, which is not to be wondered
at, since he was not an INITIATE, nor even a Mystic, only a

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 620 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

very intuitional philosopher. Yet no psycho-physicist ever came nearer
than he has to the esoteric general outline of evolution. This
evolution -- viewed from its several standpoints -- i.e., as the
universal and the individualized Monad; and the chief aspects of the
Evolving Energy, after differentiation -- the purely Spiritual, the
Intellectual, the Psychic and the Physical -- may be thus formulated a
s an invariable law; a descent of Spirit into Matter, equivalent to an
ascent in physical evolution; a re-ascent from the depths of
materiality towards its status quo ante, with a corresponding
dissipation of concrete form and substance up to the LAYA state, or
what Science calls "the zero-point," and beyond.

These states -- once the spirit of Esoteric philosophy is grasped --
become absolutely necessary from simple logical and analogical

Physical Science having now ascertained, through its department of
Chemistry, the invariable law of this evolution of atoms -- from their
"protylean" state down to that of a physical and then a chemical
particle (or molecule) -- cannot well reject the same as a general
law. And once it is forced by its enemies -- Metaphysics and
Psychology -- out of its alleged impregnable strongholds, it will find
it more difficult than it now appears to refuse room in the Spaces of
SPACE to Planetary Spirits (gods), Elementals, and even the Elementary
Spooks or Ghosts, and others. Already Figuier and Paul D'Assier, two
Positivists and Materialists, have succumbed before this logical
necessity. Other and still greater Scientists will follow in that
"intellectual FALL." They will be driven out of their position not by
spiritual, theosophical, or any other physical or even mental
phenomena, but simply by the enormous gaps and chasms that open daily
and will still be opening before them, as one discovery follows the
other, until they are finally knocked off their feet by the ninth wave
of simple common sense. "


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