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Re: Theos-World RE: Re: The Mahatma Letters

Nov 16, 2002 04:15 AM
by teos9

Hello everyone,

There are certain individuals on all mailing lists that are irritating and 
often times down right infuriating. They become known to us over repeated 
visits to our favorite lists. I have found that using the DELETE button, 
before opening the message, is the most effective way to deal with such 
characters. After reading a few messages from these individuals, and finding 
that further reading, continues to irritate us, that they cannot or will not 
change their writing style, their thought patterns, their negative effects, 
their worthless contributions, it should become clear that nothing we can 
say, or do, will change who they have become. At that point my recommendation 
is to let them wither on the vine as it were, until they loose their grip, 
for want of life giving "input" and fall off. 


In a message dated 11/15/2002 11:16:49 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Dear Wes,
> In a post to Brian/Brigitte you said:
> > Just what is your purpose in "contributing" to this list? To prove
> > that there are "experts" in academia who share your views? To
> > dissuade inquirers from looking into Theosophy? To attack your least
> > favorite historical personages and hope that others will come to share
> > your biases?
> After reading (or trying to ignore) the persistent "contributions" 
> from this person over the past year or so, I have begun to realize 
> that the best way to view such a phenomenon is as an impersonal 
> force, that which seeks to separate, disintegrate, and destroy, all 
> that tends toward unity and brotherhood. As a personality it is a 
> cipher, protected by cyber space and capable of transformation to 
> some extent, and camoflage. But as a force it is very familiar. It 
> seeks a fight. It is unprincipled and gives itself complete license 
> to say or do anything that will elicit a response, thus throwing the 
> responder off balance. That is its victory. Take a look at the state 
> of the world, the tremendous issues hanging in the balance for the 
> whole human race. It wasn't an accident that Theosophy manifested at 
> this point in the evolution of humanity. Theosophists have important 
> work to do, and we can be effective, on inner planes and outer, but 
> we have to be in control of ourselves first. So along comes this 
> annoying stinging insect, and we get busy slapping at it, and forget 
> all about the fact that our survival is at stake. 
> Adelasie

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