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Nov 20, 2002 08:08 AM
by Wes Amerman


You wrote:
<Well who can read "soluction" or did you mean "seduction" ?
Such nonsense again. Everywhere at official places in the USA the [sic] ask
you to write in caps, WHY, BECOUSE [sic] normal people can read it BETTER.
So stop findling [sic] around with excuses and B.A.G.'s posting in full.
Everybody can read it, besides when Dalval writes in caps nobody says

It's obvious the word is "solution." Spell check functions usually only
work in the text fields of email browsers, so message headings or "subject"
fields are vulnerable. Typos and wrong words happen, as much as most of us
try to avoid them. Your own messages are full of them; the one above
contains three, which I have noted.

But where do you get the idea that "all caps" are more readable, or that
"normal" people prefer them?? It's considered "shouting" in all discussion
groups I have ever participated in -- philosophical, cultural, financial and
otherwise. I have even seen real-time chat room moderators ask paying
subscribers to leave expensive lists where they were abusing a posted "no
all caps" rule. Personally, I prefer not to have to read such text, whether
from Mr. Goswami, you or Dallas. Thanks, Eldon, for pointing out an

And, while we're on the subject of "netiquette," it's easier on the eyes not
to have to read the entire thread to which someone is responding. Who
wants to have to wade through every "reply" that copies every previous
response to a message? Eldon only replied to the "original message" header
of your post, to identify it, having cut and pasted to a new message the
relevant part of the previous one. We can all learn from his example of
practical brotherhood.

Best Regards,

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