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Re: Theos-World All CAPS

Nov 20, 2002 11:58 AM
by ramadoss

The developers of Windows being well aware of the needs of those with 
handicaps, have provided option to display characters in large letters, and 
this usually solves the problem for those with handicaps and avoid the need 
for all CAPS.


At 07:50 AM 11/20/02 -0800, Wes Amerman wrote:
>But where do you get the idea that "all caps" are more readable, or that
>"normal" people prefer them?? It's considered "shouting" in all discussion
>groups I have ever participated in -- philosophical, cultural, financial and
>otherwise. I have even seen real-time chat room moderators ask paying
>subscribers to leave expensive lists where they were abusing a posted "no
>all caps" rule. Personally, I prefer not to have to read such text, whether
>from Mr. Goswami, you or Dallas. Thanks, Eldon, for pointing out an


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