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Re: Theos-World Re: The meaing of "race" "politics," greed, and war.

Nov 18, 2002 08:11 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

netemara888 wrote:
> Dallas, I have been asking other so-called spiritual people for years
> that same question: I thought we were supposed to be about
> brotherhood? But all I got was no better treatment from them than the
> general population. 

We have not reached a level of evolution to have true Brotherhood yet.
All we can do is try. And blindly agreeing with everything the anybody
else has to say is a great way for the forces AGAINST Brotherhood to
triumph. There are two good pieces of advice for Brotherhood that I have
heard. The first was from Dorz Kunz, who said that the key to
Brotherhood is to try to like everybody (and if you think LOVING
everybody is hard, try to LIKE everybody...). The other I got from Ed
Abdill, and from him it was by example. He does not hold a grudge, even
for a few minutes. He can disagree with someone both on a rational and
emotional level, and quite strongly, on one issue, and have a knock-down
drag out with them, and, when it comes to the next issue, work in total
cooperation with that person, as if the fight had never taken place. 

> Brotherhood may be slow in coming, but I think it is coming in the
> future. We did not have it then, and we don't have it now, at least
> not to my satisfaction. 

But, once again, it cannot be forced on people until they are ready for
it. All we can do is try to convince people of it, and try to create
conditions conducive to Brotherhood. This means encouraging positive
solutions, and discouraging hate. And to recognize that race, as
commonly used, is maya. 

Bart Lidofsky

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