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RE:globes and so forth...

Nov 18, 2002 08:06 AM
by Nisk98114

Although this might not clear up any "figgering" that one might do with 
globes, rounds and races and yugas, mahayugas and so forth ,that which is 
given below {snippets) , seems to me, although taken from Buddhism,show 
Theosophy's constant re-iteration of karma and cycles and it's actual meaning 
for us as human beings with its constant usage of altruism as a key.
And with this comes a question. Do we all think that a total resolution of 
globes, rounds and so forth will or would come forth, in our minds, in the 
form of a mandala of some sort? (Do a google search for the word 
If one's mind is not turned away from its fascination with life,
it will be an obstacle to spiritual paths . One
should be mindful of death in that one realizes one will not tarry
long in this life; one should consider the incarnations to which
fascination can lead and thereby turn the mind away from focus on this
life. Attachment to the imagined wonders of a future life should be
subdued by thinking about the intrinsic faults of all cyclic
existence. Thus the mind will turn towards emancipation.

Therefore, the individual with insight will
gradually remove all that is discordant with the altruistic mind of
enlightenment and cultivate it and all its marks.

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