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RE: Re to Tim

Nov 18, 2002 03:52 AM
by dalval14

Dear Friends:

Can we not say that ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS are unified, as a necessity, for
their presence.

It is up to the embodied mind (Lower Manas -- our brain-mind) to
apprehend them?

Their essential qualities are WISDOM UNIVERSAL, the concentrated
result of experience, and the ability to weigh the information from
these two sources with the circumstances of daily life (returning
Karma) that confront us as embodied minds in our daily "here and



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From: gschueler
Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2002 10:14 AM
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Subject: Re to Tim

<<<<Enlightenment consists of first unifying atma, manas and buddhi,
transcending these to the nondual monad. (would love more explanation
on how
this is done) Normally it takes seven lifetimes as a human to do this,
but it
can be done quicker using certain spiritual methods.>>>

As to the need for seven lifetimes, Who is counting? Seven is symbolic

Very briefly: One begins with one-pointed meditation until manas is
transcended. The atma-buddhi monad (which is not a nondual monad) is
Spiritual Self or Higher Self, and if we unite with it and identify
with it
then we enter nirvana and become a nirvanee. But this is not our goal.

The goal is to raise consciousness to atma-buddhi and then bring in
manas so
that the three act together. You are right, this triad is still in
maya, and
must be transcended to the nondual monad; doing this is called


<<<Just for the sake of conversation:
I agree with the metaphysical part of this. I agree that there are
seven basic
substances. I don't like the idea of the monadic ray, largely because
I think
there are simpler explanations for why these substances exist in
states. My opinion is that there's really one substance vibrating at
rates which causes these different substances. >>>

OK, but then, Where did that "one substance" come from? Actually,
teaches that matter and spirit are two aspects of the same basic
substance, so
Theosophy is saying that you are correct, there is just one
substance -- the
so-called anima mundi.

The "monadic ray" is not a substance, is neither physical or
spiritual, and is
used in Theosophy's creation model as a way of explaining how the
Monad can create or self-manifest into a dualistic manvantaric
universe. When
we try to conceptualize the ineffable, we often get into trouble.



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