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RE: - "Creation"

Nov 18, 2002 03:52 AM
by dalval14

Nov 18 2002

Re: "Creation"

Dear Friends:

I seem to be either misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Excuse me. I would never assume that the UNIVERSE was "created" by
any one or anything except its own highest SPIRITUAL NATURE. THAT IS

Noting can be created out of nothing -- this is fundamental. But in
consequence of this statement, the substance and materials for
"creation" are forever present. (These are the eternal Monads.) Also
the Laws of evolution, reincarnation, compassion and brotherhood which
support such a joint process must be absolute and impartial for all
and ever-present. But even our Science acknowledges this aspect of
nature. (Incidentally, Nature was here long before "Science " began
to investigate it so thoroughly -- beginning about 350 years ago.)
Our Science examines and tests Nature constantly to make sure that her
laws are universal impartial and always operative.

Why should mankind alone not be subject to the laws of responsibility

The right word, I think is REINCARNATION for all beings (Monads) into
the conditions which they abandoned many ages before for a long rest.
The new Universe is the "child" of the old one, just as our Earth is
the "child" of our ancient Moon. But, read The SECRET DOCTRINE for
full details.

The whole thesis of The SECRET DOCTRINE speaks to this. I would make
no changes in it.

The "creative force" is that aspect of Universal KARMA (also a part of
the ABSOLUTE) that propels evolution, is internal to every being
(Monad) that collaborates to assist in the existence and operation of

It s also mandatory that there being of advanced experience which help
and assist Nature in this vast, comprehensive work. -- this gives
rise to the classes of these called the Dhyanis, the Budhas, the
Manus, the Rishis the Mahatmas, and the Adepts.

The SECRET DOCTRINE also presents the concept that the eternal Monads
of many degrees of experience are the aggregates that serve to form
the universe under the great common law of compassion and brotherhood.
This Law also propels, not only the individuals, but the whole mass,
forward in a creative fashion, each individual is provided for, and
each is seen to be evolving in collaboration with the rest. If this
is not grasped then the whole existing process will not appear

Our minds limited so far to this life and resident on a very small
planet lost in the infinitudes of the UNIVERSE find it difficult to
grasp such concepts, but it is only by attacking and securing the
necessary evidence of purpose, law and voluntary compliance, that the
whole system may be dimly perceived. It operates all around us in the
VAST UNIVERSE, it operates analogetically inside us in the
organization of our physical and astral bodies.

To the Monads (of lesser experience non-self-conscious yet) that
aggregate around us, the MONAD (of partial self-conscious experience),
we may appear as "creative gods." To us the great Buddhas, and
Dhyanis (Universally Self-conscious and WISE) of the early stages of
our evolution, long ago, may appear as "gods". At each stage the
free-will of the human Mind operates. But all is under LAW.

Without the support of the whole living Universe we could not exist.
Yet we (the Monad) using this body of ours are ignorant of most of the
bodily functions. But we can study and learn them. Similarly we can
study and learn the rules, laws and programs of the greater Universe
around us. But, unless we take the position of being IMMORTALS and the
Universe also being immortal and ruled by LAW, such a hope of
progress is impossible. One life-time is inadequate.

So we are forced to consider Law and Reincarnation and a Universal
Evolution, that has for aim the TOTAL PERFECTION of every being
involved in it. This really stretches the imagination. But, logically
these are necessary.

Best wishes,



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Mauri, the questions that Dallas was asking assume that our manifested
universe was created by someone/something for a purpose. This is a

Our manifested universe was never "created" in the sense of having a
beginning. It has no beginning. It will have no end. It is an ongoing
process sustained by our own karma due to our own ignorance of what is
going on. It has no purpose, and needs none, other than the fun and
joy of

Jerry S.


Gerald wrote: <<Dallas, my friend, the questions of manas are
There are no logical answers, because your questions themselves are
based on
false assumptions. >>

"False assumptions," I suspect, in the sense that "logic," as it's
in duality---as per one's "mainstream worldview," say---has a somewhat
inescapable relativity aspect to it, in the sense that manas is
limited in
the sense that it isn't generally able to think, feel, talk, see,
move, t/
Theosophize, scientize, etc., other than within the bouncy (dualistic)
that our dualistic/mainstream world allows; and so, in that sense,
questions of manas tend to be kind of never ending, mayavic,
simplistic, short sighted, forever chasing their own tail, etc . . .
couse (?) if that kind of reality is real enough for manas, than it's
real enough . . . But/"but" . . .


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