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RE: re Gerald/Dallas . . .

Nov 18, 2002 03:52 AM
by dalval14

Nov. 18 2002

I would like to say: Try living an instant without thought and the

If one truly examines it, one soon finds its ramifications extend

How then can it be omitted, avoided, or minimized ?

Playing with words of description does not answer the direct question
of its necessity.


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Gerald wrote: <<Dallas, my friend, the questions of
manas are never-ending. There are no logical answers,
because your questions themselves are based on false
assumptions. >>

"False assumptions," I suspect, in the sense that "logic,"
as it's expressed in duality---as per one's "mainstream
worldview," say---has a somewhat inescapable relativity
aspect to it, in the sense that manas is largely limited in
the sense that it isn't generally able to think, feel, talk,
see, move, t/ Theosophize, scientize, etc., other than
within the bouncy (dualistic) terms that our
dualistic/mainstream world allows; and so, in that sense,
the questions of manas tend to be kind of never ending,
mayavic, blinkered, simplistic, short sighted, forever
chasing their own tail, etc . . . Of couse (?) if that kind of
reality is real enough for manas, than it's (what?) real
enough . . . But/"but" . . .


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