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Re: Theos-World Adelaise on peace...

Nov 17, 2002 02:19 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi Adelasie and all of you,

The world is not only a place where we talk about Peace or War, but we
really talk about
EXISTENCE or non-EXISTENCE. That is where we are today. (Just like M. L.
King said it.)

It is not so important here wheather King was a Christian. It is important
that we get peace.
With terrorists on this Planet doing all kinds of ugly activities, we have
to ask:
- When is a sizeable nuclear bomb next on the Agenda ?
You see these issues are being discussed in The United Nations, but there is
not yet any real agreements on how to deal with this issue.
Time is running.
And we have to claim disarmament of nuclear weapons from all countries, not
only Iraq.
We will have to - as fast as reasonably possible to close all neclear plants
on this globe.
Only if we stick together there will be everlasting peace.

I know, that Theosophy not really are doing in politics.
But when it is about - Existence or non-Existence - I think Theosophy will
have to make a stance,
- and that loud and clear. These weapons are no good - and the sooner they
are gone the better.

I think, that the non-violent movement I had in mind in my previous email
would be a movement like the one Martin Luther King Jr. supported, though
probably with some important differences.
* I should and ought to be world wide in its focus.
* It should use a proper suited religous motivated agenda.
* It should or could note and take in to consideration (i.e. only
consideration) especially the principles and also the ideas which the
organization United Religions Initiative are following today.
(URI are here and, and is
a interfaith religious body associated to United Nations. There a at least
800 Angelican Bishops supporting it, and both Buddhists and Hindus join in
as well, now its representing more than 88 religions world wide.)
* It should make marches like the civil rights movement Martin Luther King
Jr. supported. Or even sit-down protests.
* It should have a suitable orator or speaker.
* Its agenda could take from the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. when
proper and when they have a global focus, which could be supported by people
who wants peace, - so to thereby create agreement on that the leaders of
* Its agenda could take from other great non-violent speeches of the past
* It should do what a lot of movement s today lacks, - namely it should
relate much better to the TV-journalist around the globe, because they can
help create peace if they want to.

But let us also remember, that is not so much the weapons as such, which are
a problem for humanity.
It is just as important, what kinds of minds - this Planet are fostering and
breathe - and also what kind of
information kids today are given besides the school-education. (A voilent
picture ?)

Well, these are just my humble views.
I know the above are not a complet list.
But the genral picture should be there, and can be adjusted if needed to get
peace in a non-voilent manner while usinng marches or sit-down protests.

To communicate in small circles is of course a stance Adelaise. But
really...Try to add the above picture !

Negativity is always a solution and a stance.
Let the readers feel free to do their best.

M. Sufilight with patience...and the time running...

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Status of Indigenous Australians

> Hi M. Sufilight,
> I seriously think that if each one of us tried honestly to put into
> practice the principle teachings of Theosophy (or any great spiritual
> tradition in history) in our daily lives, everything would change
> completely.
> > Let us make a non-voilence movement - driven by the words of RELIGION
> > ! I can see that NO --- non-voilence movement are as well known as for
> > instance the Amnesty International is today.
> What if we chose daily to find what is good in others, instead of
> pointing out what is wrong? What if we accepted others as they are,
> instead of expecting them to be different? What if we just refused to
> fight and argue? What if we put our own needs and desires second to
> those of others? Wouldn't we be a non-violence movement in ourselves?
> If we take seriously the teachings about the unity of all life, we
> realize that everything we do affects the whole. What we do may seem
> like a little thing, but the Master teaches us that there are no
> little things.
> Adelasie
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